Question to Veterans

Hi! Ive been addiction to ■■■■ for years now, and ive decided to quit. I tried for two days now, and i failed on both days.

Yesterday, i decided that I’d only watch ■■■■ if i complete 7 hours of productivity, which i suprisingly did. Then right before sleeping, i watched ■■■■ for an hour.

My question is: is rewarding myself with ■■■■ fine if i do it after a productive day? Or should i focus on giving up ■■■■ altogther, would that be more beneficial?

Thank you for your advise.


In my opnion you should give up on ■■■■.

My opnion : do steps
First step/first day : no more ■■■■, just gifs
Second step/second day: no ■■■■ just pics
Third step : no pornography just girls in incomplete clothes, and it goes on until you dont watch ■■■■ at all
You can gradually leave ■■■■

Rewarding yourself with ■■■■ is make leaving ■■■■ harder I think


Thanks! I’ll try this


Ah… I’m addicted to drugs, so let me reward myself with ‘some drugs’ for quitting couple of hours and the loop continues to infinity :smile:
Bro that’s not how it works.

Go cold turkey. Dont keep screen devices with you , dont stay alone, stay busy, pick up a hobby, keep your gaze lowers while outside i.e dont gaze upon woman and avoid all the triggering content


Okay, thank you. You’re right. Cant reward myself with the very thing i was addicted to lol. I dont know what i was thinking.


I’m not veteran here but I think I can offer some advice.

As @krishvamsi30 said above, you cannot view P as something to “reward” yourself. If it is a reward, why give it up?

I’m sure you genuinely want to rid yourself of this addiction, but the first step is to understand how PMO is completely and absolutely a detriment, a blight in your life. Think about how it has affected your life negatively, ruined your physical and mental health, spoiled opportunities etc. Really, all that for a short escape from reality before it all comes crashing down? Understand the fact that PMO is NOT something you want in your life because it is nothing but harm.

If you still feel any semblence of your brain trying to hold onto any lies that is is “good” or a “reward”, you’re not ready to truly quit. These are tricks played by your P brain, the side that has its wiring tangled up by your P usage. Don’t listen to it. You can make your choice.

Once you know that PMO is only harm, everything else makes sense. It wouldn’t even be difficult to stop it, because why would you do something that only harms you?

It will likely take some time for you to reach the conclusion that you ACTUALLY want to stop PMO. You’ll battle with your P brain, you’ll bargain (like what you did), you’ll relapse and binge. All of us have been there, and you can expect it to come. But once you finally learn that PMO is something you’ll never want to do again, you’ll make the logical step: stop it completely. It won’t even be a struggle.

Hope this helps :+1:


Thank you! I really needed to hear this! You’re right. There’s no negotiation with addiction.


In my humble opinion, turning to pornography is never a good thing - given the addictive power it has and we are all proof of that. So, I would recommend that you practice no fap, but without thinking about it all the time, you know?

I believe that seeking psychological help is always very good, but, in addition, it is highly recommended to invest in time with friends and family (and perhaps even in a romantic relationship), in physical exercise, in good hours of sleep… The important thing is to know how to deal with daily difficulties and not live to pornography/masturbation, because this negatively impacts a person’s life (my opinion).
I’m rooting for you!

Sorry for my English