Question to serious gym goers

Sup guys. Hope you are doing well with the streak

My question is that how to get around 15 % body fat.

  • Im lean with just a bit of fat around waist and back
  • What diet changes I gotta do?
  • what are do’s and dont’s while cutting down
  • Must have supplements


If your pure goal is getting lean, Id recommend a fast tbh. Not eating for 24 to 48 hours makes your body eat up bodytissue and then repenishes it with fresh cells when you eat again.

Im actually not so sure you want any supplements if youre just starting out. Supplementing with Vitamin b12 is an energybooster but you dont really need it in the beginning. Creatine and other things are seriously unnecessary, especially if you just wanna get leaner.

Biggest exercise are pullups because your body somehow realizes its too heavy and helps convert the fat (broscience, no idea if that actually happens), but they are a seriously core exercise for great, healthy development. The other 2 are deadlifts and squats and the third one which you dont really need to overdo because it is easily overtrained and leads to terrible posture are ofcourse benchpresses. What happens when you overtrain your chest is that your shoulders get pulled forward, rounding your back and postioning your bodyweight forward, leading to your hips to balance it out with a pelvic tilt and if youre lucky it fucks up your leg posture too.

Running is the obvious choice for weight loss but you should consider that only after 30 mins the body transitions from using bodyfat for fuel instead of carbs meaning you need to do endurance running.

The easiest choice is to use an app to schedule your workouts every day and remind you into a routine which you dont need to pay attention to as the notifications grow it into a habit. I used an app for 2 months and had unbelievble motivation but I dont wanna be a dumbass promoting some random app so you can ask me afterwards for the name if you want to know.

As for diet: high fat, high protein, low carbs.

Fat gets a bad reputation, people think you eat fat → you get fat, but sugar (carbs) are actually what gets converted into bodyfat the easiest while ingested fat is more of a fuel, and a steady one at that unlike carbs which give you a spike and then a crash (like after lunch when you get sleepy)

Hope this helps! send reply if you need anything my broda, gudnight

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Interesting. Name of app? Thx

30 days fitness

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