Question for everybody?

What has porn, masturbation and orgasm done to you in your life? Answer with your personal experience.

For me,
Less concentration
Academic result dropped
Hair fall
Depression after ejaculation
Guilt feeling
Unable to take the best decision.

I’ve been smoking cannabis which has feed into my problems.
Because of pmo/weed,
I’ve been living in Bipolar, Guilt, Isolation, Paranoia, dissatisfaction, indecisiveness, low energy, laziness, random thoughts at inappropriate moments leading to paranoia / a sense & fear of mind reading.

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Lazy, low energy, no confidence…
And porn made me know i had to change my life


Lazy, no confidence, social anxiety and feeling that every one is out there to get you

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I’ve read people calls it “mental fog”. Its when you find so difficult to really focus in something and you end masturbating instead doing what you have to do.

I guess is just a form of severe procrastination

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For me,

Lost 2 years in medical school: I am not lazy or procrastinator. Nevertheless porn and sex stories engulfed my precious days during the semester. :cry::cry:
Less concentration .

Difficulties looking into females’ eye while talking to them.

Being impure for prayers, couldn’t perform many prayers just for this.


Tremendous hair loss, a -3.5 glasses on both eyes.

Less optimistic and ashamed