Question: Do you get the emails?

The server send out regular emails about pms and topics replies and such. Do you get it in your inbox folder or it’s getting listed as spam? (Especially Gmail users)
Respond with mentioning your email provider.

They are always in my inbox folder.

Nice, are you using Gmail?

No, its on ymail. I think you are asking gmail users.

I am using gmail, and I was receiving mails until april 12, after that they are going in to my spam. Just saw it after you mentioned.

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Just select the emails and mark it as “not spam”, gmail needs to learn.

Mainly gmail users, because it’s most notorious for this kind of behaviour.

I’m a gmail user and I’m not getting any newsletters as such from Rewire, not even in spam folder. I’m thinking if I need to opt in for newsletters. Is there any link where I go and opt in?

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Already done, got the mail for this reply too… :smile:

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Yes I am too getting emails…

You can change the settings here

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Check your email preferences in your account settings