Question about semen retention

Do wet dreams take off benefits of semen retention?
Im on day 31 and today i woke up with wet cyrcle on my boxers.
Im sorry for my bad english :wink: greetings fromSlovenia:)

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semen retention means that they have to stay inside to have the benefits. if the go out by any way without recycling then you will lose some benefits

Though i had experienced so far only 1 wet dream but i must say
I felt better after it happened. I mean the next day i was very happy and enthsiastic about life.
Wet dreams is a sign of Rewiring of brain.
Beware next day dont day dream about it. After Wet dreams often people masturbates.

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Yes but after 31 days,some semen must retain ha ha:)
I will not masturbate,im very self disciplined about masturbation. My goal is 365 days:) but i dont want wet dreams to happening,i wanna al life force to stay in my body.
Sorry for my bad english

Dude only dead semen came out during a wetdream.
Fresh semen stays with you .
So Cheer Up.

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It is imppssoble to not have wet dream if You do not have sex or you do not masturbate.


It’ss perfectly fine, your body need to free some sperm to produce a fresh semen

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What you are doing is not helping you getting cured at all!
You are changing what is good and bad always according to what suites you.

Edging while masturbating is bad, but 4 hrs edging while having sex is not bad
orgasm during sex is unhealthy but orgasm during dream is healthy.

You can’t just give a weird explanation like, only dead sperm is leaving during nightly orgasm, because that supports your way how you would like to have the rehab!


What you want to say with this?

That he creates an unreal world which suites him but doesn’t help to get cured.
For example here. The thought that the semen on a wet dream is something different than the semen during an orgasm.
and other people read this and believe it.

We have to define what our problem is (which is an addiction to porn, maybe masturbation or sex and a wrong view on what sex is)
This should be our main goal to tackle.
If you can reduce wet dreams or thoughts about sex than this is good too but our main goal should be to get rid of the addiction and get a normal life back.
A normal life doesn’t mean a bad life. We don’t have to be god to have an amazing life.


@nagate @petrassib @udi @koylakhadan

It seems you are my biggest fan here.

Actualy brother, wet dreams is not a problem. Generaly people dont talk about these subjects in public so there is complete ignorance on the subject.

Very few people have wet dreams on this earth because 90 % of them are busy in masturbation or sex. Often some labels are found inside public buses that we have cure for wet dreams etc. Because this topic is very rarely discussed in schools therefore many innocent people start thinking that wetdreams is something weird happening with us and fall for such Traps.

:small_orange_diamond: Wet dreams is a natural phenomenon and perfectly normal.
:small_orange_diamond: it is generaly experienced by those who are not indulged in masturbation or sex.
:small_orange_diamond: The main function of wet dreams is to maintain the sexual function. This phenomenon also applies to Morning wood in which every morning a man gets an erection to maintain his sexual function.

Thanks for your love.


Exactly! because it is a natural / normal orgasm (like you have during sex)

If the body can’t have sex, he will miss something in life. You will dream of sex and thus have a wet dream. So, if you have a natural sex life, you don’t have to dream about sex, you can have it. And that could be one reason why mean in a healthy relation don’t have wet dreams.

A wet dream is a normal orgasm and morning wood is a normal erection. Your body doesn’t have to check whether it still can have a boner…

I dont think you ever had a wetdream.

It is not a same experience as a masturbation or sex.


it’s often not the same experience. but i also had the thing were i dreamed of heaving sex and came in my dream and hence also in real life.
then it does feel more like it since you have the same thoughts. but independent of the experience, the fluid is exactly the same. hencw it should interfere with your semen retention


No my friend you are wrong.
From my personal experience Wet dreams are a blessing in disguise.
It helps in rewiring of brain and gives benefit the next day.
I am again saying only dead sperms came out during a wet dream. The body keeps the fresh stock within the body.

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If you have a wet dream you don’t retain all your semen of course because you ejaculate, but you lose about 25-50% the amount of semen you would if you had sex.

So yes technically it does disturb semen retention. Only marginally compared to sex to orgasm or masturbation to orgasm. Without the physical act to go with it, when you orgasm during a wet dream you only forfeit a fraction of the semen.


Yes bro. Thats why wet dreams are less dangerous than sex or masturbation.