Query about normal mode pmo

Hello friends.
I am also here struggling to be free forever from this addiction.But I am tired of this failing again and again.
I think I am taking too much pressure by doing all the things at the same time. That is making me weak.

Now I think about taking small steps but each towards becoming free. In my life first came mastu. ( I did not know what it was)…then porn…and I’m addicted now.

I think I should first practice normal mode (no porn …but masturb not very frequently)
And as I make it to a good streak of normal mode then slowly switch it to hardmode…(all hail to no pmo)

Anybody who tried this stretgy or want to share some thoughts please share it. Who knows if your idea is not relevant here but might be useful to someone else reading that…and do tell whether this normal mode is good or not.
And those who want to join on normal mode are most welcome.

I think like we try it … relapse and the whole time is wasted. Your addiction is back. For most of us this 90 days is not achieved for years of working…if we have not reached 90 days of no pmo within years of struggle then why not changing it to normal mode …a new stretgy tht seems easy…
30 or 60 or 90 days of normal mode and then switch to hardmode 90 days with a boost…
Who knows what we could not achieve in years we could get in just 180 days…

Makeing a plan for not just of 90 days or lifetime is not working then why not making a plan for 180 days or 200 days that seems easy…

Because the sole purpose is to reboot…in least time …and we have already wasted years struggling with nothing as a result…

Well are your other thoughts are most welcome…
Do give this forum some of your precious time.

Its all up to you but according to me,
This method is not so effective because few months ago i tried it and kept thinking about the particular day im gonna relapse. So it distracts you from your path. Your goal is not only leaving pmo but also being productive. Being productive is very important

Reading bhagwat geeta might help you(it helps me alot)

Dont pressurise yourself. Think it as if nofap is your lifestyle!

Its up to you! :innocent:

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Well said brother…
But most times when I relapse my Productivity is gone for days …and relapsing within 10 days seems more harmful to me.

Can you please explain more about your journey in Normal mode…:pray::pray:

Actually within my mind I was thinking that…we try hardmode…and there comes the time when we are about to relapse .
I just want to relapse without porn…so that we are less addicted then before…and then again try hardmode and then again will be the time you are about to relapse then relapse again without porn…
As this stretgy gives a good streak you will be switched to hardmode by yourself…

Well it is just a theory of mine​:joy::joy::joy:
That’s why I want your opinions to clear myself how much it is possible practically…

Was your journey not this smooth?:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

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Dont think about days too much. You are recovering every single day without fapping. You are becoming greater day by day.

In normal mode, when i sit to study i kept thinking about the particular day on which im gonna relapse and couldn’t concentrate on my studies. I wasted alot of time also waiting for the particular day. Sometimes i reach that day but most of the time i relapse before that.
So finally i decided to break alll the barrier of my mind and try hard mode of nofap. From past 4 months i am trying hard mode nofap and recovering faster than in normal mode.

You are doing great, it was just one relapse. Be careful of chaser effect.

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The big problem with this approach of “Normal mode” is that you keep the identity of masturbator.

If you want to create an effective change in your life, you have to switch identity! This is the secret.

If you are a fapper, with or without porn, you are still a fapper. You waste your energy in unnecessary ejaculations and because of this loss of energy you feel bad and you start masturbating again. You act like a wanker because you remained a wanker. This is who you are! So you cannot do otherwise.

If you want to change this… Change your identity!

Become a person who conserves his energy to be at the peak of his health, to accomplish great things in his life, to release a powerful magnetic aura around him, etc. It’s up to you to know what kind of person you want to become. But for sure, this person doesn’t fap, because it’s 100% a nonsense!

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Nah bro, normal is a bad idea. Its not even actual nofap. Hold the line. Don’t go back on yourself. Just stick with it and try again. NoFap means you dont fap. Dont fap means you dont touch your dick no matter what. Its as simple as that. Dont think too much. Simplify and move forward with your true goal.

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