Pumpkinpig diary

My relationship is almost ruined by my addiction, but I got a second chance. And now I won’t make the same mistakes. It’s time to be honest with myself and people close to me, it’s time to change for the better, in order to become happier, and make her happy.


Day 0:

So, my average schedule for the morning will be :

  1. Yoga - 30 minutes
  2. Meditation - 10 minutes
  3. Cold shower every day

In the evening:

  1. Keeping a journal
  2. Meditation 15 minutes to develop awareness

Now I have a cold, but I can’t wait to get my schedule back in order!
P. S: it would be great to add bodyweight workouts in the morning


Start running for 30 minutes instead of working out

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Thanks for the advice, I think this is a great idea!

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Day 1:

Dirty thoughts get in the way of my concentration, but they can’t get me through!
The first days are always the hardest, and now I’m experiencing it the hard way, but I know it will get easier in the future.
Stay strong guys! We can do it.


Day 3

The concentration and performance significantly improved (brain fog during fap is terrible), it became easier to complete the task at work. Everything is going smoothly, I know that I will succeed, and although, in my opinion, the most difficult days are behind me, I know that this is not the time to relax, and I need to keep my addiction under control. My mood improved, I became calmer, and, one of the most pleasant moments - listening to music brings joy again ^^


Day 4:

Today is my birthday, and although the weather is terrible outside, I am very glad that I made myself the main gift: I will get rid of my addiction and become a new person :slight_smile:

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So, today I relapsed , and now I understand that this could have been avoided without making mistakes and not trying to trick myself like “I will just look at this picture and nothing will happen.”
I must to take this more seriously, and not let yourself relax. From this moment I start a new countdown, and I will try not to repeat past mistakes!

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Day 0:
Since I recovered, it’s time to return to the schedule indicated at the beginning, as well as start taking a cold shower.

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Day 1 (again):

Cold showers are great! I feel much better after it! So far, the urges do not bother me, and my thoughts remain calm, this is goood

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Day 0(again)

I must admit that I am not able to overcome the seven-day mark: today I fell on the 4th day, the last time on the sixth. But this time it was much easier to keep myself under control, which means that even by taking small steps I can get rid of the addiction and I will be able not to end my streak of nofap

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It is not always possible to keep a diary every day, but now I understand that this is very important for self-control. Also, a cold shower helps a lot, but sometimes the urge arises suddenly and uncontrollably: today I watched drawing lessons on YouTube, and when I saw hot art there, I could not restrain myself. This is how, even avoiding porn sites and all that, you can fall into the trap: D

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Day 1: This may be a sign that I am recovering (albeit in small steps), but I feel terribly distant and lonely. Hopefully this feeling will get easier over time. The absolute lack of motivation and desire to do something or communicate with someone, as well as a complete lack of positive emotions and awareness