Prone Masturbation

I am speaking about prone masturbation on bed ( not about porn). I know it is not good for health. But I don’t know how to avoid it. I keep on doing it once in a week. How can I avoid that?


Can you elaborate how do you masterbate ? Like the position weather turning upside down or facing the ceiling?

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By avoiding it for four weeks. Your mind will gradually forget.


I do it turning upside down and I am really fed up of this. It’s the worst form of masturbation.

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Yeah, It actually desensitize the penis.

Many people don’t know this about me but I had been a prone masturbation addict only . I never masturbated the normal way . This process is much addictive and dangerous than hand .
Here , you are literally forcing your whole pressure to your organ . Your hip movements causes more pressure and causes many sideffects such as delayed ejaculation , ED , desensitized genitals etc . So you must be aware what you are doing .
However , the way to get out of this is same . Basically its the same things only , just a different way . And its completely possible to get out of this , you will just need to work harder for this and try not to lean on your stomach . Even peeking while sleeping may affect negatively .


Please stop turning upside down . I was also having this habit. In this way its makes your dick curved .

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Story time: How I discovered masturbation on my own.

It was the year 2009, I was around 11 years old. I was an avid newspaper reader, but the newspaper up in Northern parts of India especially the TOI was way too vulgar compared to the Southern editions. I still remember, it was either in page 2 or in the Global Times section.
One day I was lying on my bed belly facing down reading the newspaper and then I came across not so appropriate photo of Sherlyn Chopra. My dick kind off started getting hard and I started rubbing it on the bed. I didn’t know what I was doing but it felt really good. I was 11 and I hadn’t even reached puberty.

Few days later, no one was home and that day it was not so appropriate photo of Megan Fox in the newspaper. Started doing the routine I’d discovered and a few minutes later, boom! I’d orgasmed the first time. Till this day nothing could compete with the feeling of the first orgasm. I was scared, I thought I peed. I’d not even started producing semen at that time, what came out was just clear liquid like water.

For the next one year I started collecting photos from newspaper and did my routine of lying on the bed and rubbing my penis against it. (Today I learned it is known as Prone Masturbation). Then I discovered FTV which was having its swimwear season, so for that month I had my fun there.

But deep inside of me, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t control. I started losing confidence and slowly started becoming more introverted. I didn’t know who to talk to. I thought I’m the only one doing it. I was all alone.
I even started fantasizing about women I knew.

Then one day while I was in bathroom, I had an urge to masturbate and I had to improvise. So started rubbing my penis against my belly using hand. And then started rubbing between both my palms. Did this for a few days and then one day while experimenting, finally I discovered the way that we all jerk off.

Around 2011, I thought why do the newspaper thing, when I have the internet. And so I moved to the internet on desktop computer, I was naive and my search result only comprised of models and celebrities in lingerie or bikini. At that time I had not discovered porn.

Slowly I started coming across more NSFW type of content, and I was also learning new words like the striptease, intercourse, etc etc.

In the year 2012, I watched my first porn. I still remember which one it was, but I don’t want to write that here as it can be a trigger.

By that time I’d totally stopped prone masturbation as my hand was way more convenient.

From 2012 to the present, it all went downhill. Slowly the intensity of what got me off increased year by year. I’ve watched so much porn related content, that I think there’s nothing left. From static pictures, to gifs, to videos, to comics, to stories, to audio and what not. And the type of content I’d watched, I can’t even write as it can be too extreme for some. I’ve even seen the worse, name anything and I bet definitely I’d watched it.

The condition became worse during the lockdown. I was stuck with my family and my addiction got worse. I was jerking off atleast 2 times a day. I’m so ashamed that I’d become so unsatisfiable that I’d even gone to around 10 times within 12 hrs, to the occassion that my penis would swell.
I could be even classified as a sex addict. And I had to stop.

Joined this community last year, and I’m trying to do better. Last year got to my highest streak of 23 days. This year it’s 13. Currently on day 5 and determined to break all the chains of slavery.
I’m going strong as of now, feel amazing, getting out of clinical depression, working out, and up-skilling myself for better employment opportunities.
I’ve seen that if I keep myself busy, I don’t get any urges. I failed NNN because I peeked, which eventually got me. But I’m definitely getting while month this time.

After joining this community and learning so much about the pmo, if I could go back in time to my past 11 year old self trying to read that newspaper, I’d beat the shit out of myself and warn myself to never get into this hell. I’ve missed so many golden opportunities in my life from academics, to sports, to relationships, whatnot. And the worst part is that nobody pushed me into this, it was me who discovered everything by myself and fell right into it.

Hence I’ll try to get back everything I’ve lost.

Coming to your problem of Prone Masturbation, I just read about it on the internet, and surely no one recommends it. Doctors have cited side effects as delayed ejaculation, ED, leading to sexual dissatisfaction in the relationship in future.

I left prone masturbation because when I hit puberty, i started producing semen, and the bedsheets become dirty or even your clothes. After all these years, I’d tried it again a few months back, you know just to relive the old days, but it was really uncomfortable. I’m better at using my hands. Even better to not do it at all.


Really feel very sorry for you. Even i was addicted to it before. But now on day 110 . Stay strong you can beat it.

But sometimes, I unconsciously turn upside down at midnight in sleep and start rubbing. What to do :confused:

But i dont think you would be completely unaware . At some time you will get to know and wont want to come out that pleasurable state . Slap yourself hard few times when you do that , next time you won’t do that . Start sleeping on floor. Dont sleep over thick blanket or mattress , keep the surface hard. Dont use pillow as well.

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Yeah it happens when you are having a lot of sexual dreams . You should make a habit of sleeping on you back or on the left side . And one is not completely unconscious while doing it at night , whenever you feel doing so , try to regain consciousness and remind yourself .


Yeah bro, got it. Thanks :+1:

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@The_Ambitious_One @Sholt_Tenkerrot @prothekter_aden @BlackMagic123 @rajameghanan thank god we came to learn about Nofap early. Now we don’t have any excuse, PMO addiction gets worse within each year so let’s stop this dirty addiction while we still can or we will have to regret it forever.


That story related to myself also.
The eagerness we had given to this shit was not in the productive areas.
There is more in life to enjoy. We covered our eyes with this evil pleasure.
Thank god we are awaken atleast now.

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You are really lucky to get to know about NoFap at a very young age.
Earlier the kids learn about this, better will be the future.

It’s always easier to detect and fight the disease at an early stage, take for example cancer. PMO is equivalent to cancer. Atleast if you know the harm to will not go to the extremes like me.


Absolutely true brother, that’s why we must kill this disease before it gets stronger. PMO truly is a disease, dis-ease, your body is not at ease. We came to know many things about Nofap and we might even have knowledge more than the adults here :joy: We have no excuse at all, we must end this addiction fast

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