Prone masturbation addiction

How to get rid of prone masturbation addiction. I am on 15 th day but still I am going to prone position before and trying to watch sexy images and video but I controlled till now I don’t know what to do. I am afraid I am going to lose it.


Don’t worry bro you can do it u belive in you! Just try to stop thinking about it.

I would say if you’re struggling with urges the best thing to do isn’t just to sit there and resist them, but go out and do something else. If the tempurature allows it, go for a walk or workout. Otherwise read a book, do some kind of studying, work on a project, anything to keep your mind off it. Things that don’t involve using the internet are especially good because you’re less tempted to just open a different tab and use porn.
If you don’t have a book to read there are plenty I could recommend. There’s always something more productive to do then PMO.
Stay strong brother.

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You can try reading this book , if you are failing again and again . This book will help you to give up PMO easily without any stress or anxiety.

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Bro I too suffer from Prone masturbation addiction…
It’s reallly the worst , THE WORST WAY…
I can surely help you tell me something more about you
Your age , your country, your profession, single or married …

I am 18 and I am doing this thing since my teen age i.e 13 years old…

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