Progress Not Perfection

Today I relapsed to my 194th day. I wasn’t sure at first because I know that I’ve been exposed lately through some erotic posts and articles on my feed and know how masturbation is and is not to benefit within ourselves and with how society has influenced this natutal thing. I felt that touching myself relieves me from the pain I have been carrying throughout the months. The only thing about it was, I know what makes me feel good and what is not. I have learned that my body speaks for what it needed yet contradictions of my mind keeps telling me that it is bad, knowingly that I have been wrapped in a bubble of culture that tells me what I should and should not do with my body. Even forgetting how I must pay attention on what my being is telling me specifically what my body needs. It felt good, to tell you the truth, I honestly want to say it and I was relieved of the sexual tensions I have been holding back and forgotten that I should take care of myself too even with my sexuality. My point here is that you have your own mind and you are your own master of your mind. You are the artist and architect of your life. You make your own story. You feed yourself with what makes you stronger and not what makes you weak. Like the two wolves inside you, the bad and the good. Feed what the good wolf is telling you and abolish the bad, don’t feed the bad. Let it die and let the good resonate in your whole being. Keep on moving forward, the important lesson here is don’t attain perfection! Commit to attain PROGRESS. When you fall always focus on rising up again and again. Keep on going towards the betterment of yourself.