Progress faster than expected

Yo guys, the benefits are real. 1 week in and never expected to experience such a change, but it does! After a week of battling against fantasizing and staying realistic, I managed to get a meeting with a girl. Like, the week before I couldn’t maintain a conversation for longer than a minute, and now I feel more and more liberated in my choices and mindsets.The dopamine released for PMO is now getting used for TRUE achievements in life. Everyday, stupid old me used to look up the cure for anxiety on the internet and got frustrated with all the answers like: get outside, meet friends,etc… well… it was difficult to do that without ANY true friends. The most important feature I experienced is not giving a shit. I’m not gonna take every fcking advice people tell me to do, just because it suits their taste. I am becoming my own man now. I will be the imposing giant. Consistency will be my next goal now. I don’t want this enjoyment last for a couple of days just to get it ruined by PMO’ing again. Stay strong guys and experience the superpowers yourself! The more damaged you were earlier, the more powers await you when you become conscious about everything.

Peace :metal:


I was in the deepest holes of hell before i Rose and discovered nfap from a recoving addict i can confirm the more you have struggled the more you enjoy the progress. And yeah about not giving a fuck is soo true lol


My addiction is 11 years old.
I am excited…yeahhhhaaa

So you are 11 years old or what :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

No i am 26 yrs old…