Problem with shemales

It’s been a year since I’ve been trying to fight the urge to feel attraction for shemales, to start with pornography, and this has led me to 3 sex with shemales in real life.
I do not want to like shemales, but when I see something related, I can not get it out of my mind.
Is there any way to fix this?
I was in nofap for 4 months, but I had a relapse, but I already went back to the nofap

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Girls with dicks doesn’t exist. They’re just boys with tits. Don’t be gay!

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There’s no short way out of this.

As I see it, all the aspects of the struggle are related, and one must build their discipline to get out of porn altogether. When you get your mind clean, disturbed things will naturally fade away. But there is a long way ahead, which can start right now with your first step. Four months can add up some progress, but it just scratches the surface of a lasting change.