Pro tips for encounter urges as per my experience

Here are some situations when you get urges to make relapse & my experiences how I handle them
1)when you are tired
->after a hard day you need rest as we are in golden age(18-40 I call it as golden ages due to we have high energy & great desire to achieve goals) so we want/desire to stay awake enjoy pleasures of social media & games & some extent sexual desire due to most guys are immature including me. So for this all need is do a simple task lay on sofa/bed switch off eletronics. Close your eyes for better experience breath in breathe out for few times soon you start to patterns due to gama radiation in brain that is the Fucking thing makes you smart & wise & it improves self-conscious so making you not fap. Gives you energy to recover. It’s most simple thing even babies can do this.

2)sexual content on screen/movie/social media/website
If it is a movie watch somewhere else. If it’s on social media unfollow/block website or person even those are your best friends actually I call them enemy a true friend always help you to self development but in reality only few exists like that. If It’s advertisement or website immediately close them set your device on parental controls. Block pop ups & block adds.

3)GF & ex
It’s ok to make love & build relationships but If it is causing you self destructive behaviors that mean you are not ready & rushing to doors of hell!!! Keep casual & simple there is need think can I have her , will she marry me etc etc. First control your own desires before giving your hearts key unstable heart can lead to heart attack.

3)alone at home
These are the most dangerous situation to anyone due to person has every opportunity to make FOOL himself. Take a chair sit in balcony do whatever you wish like use your cellphone/read something /invite your friends/play games any activity is better than pmo do it. Just don’t stay at home when urges come

4)urges at shower
Sorry It never happened with me but you can try cold showers.

5)urges at night
Drink water, keep open the doors of room. Do not use social media/erotic movies. Grab a story book/ read news paper there is always unusual things in paper. Make yourself exhausted to get good sleep. Do anything that makes you happy. Have great control over your hands.

Ignore your urges soon it will fade away