Powerful Thoughts


Guys I have realized something that I want to share with you guys. I got lots of companiens and I realized that the things that they wrote in their status became more positive the more days they reached without fapping. Some wrote pretty negativ things about themselves and they are right now at day 0-13 and some who reached more then 20 days got these extrem positiv thoughts written.

So I think we should start with a positiv quote instead of a negative who knows maybe it helps.

Im sry for my bad English


I understand what you said but really is just not so easy to have positive feelings just after a relapse.

Pouring our feelings in the form of these negative quotes can be sort of helpful to clear the mind and let the sadness go away.

We must not stay down forever, sometimes we can get up quickly, sometimes we need some time alone, sometimes we need help and motivation from others.

The point is, we never give up.


I’m on day 36 now and from day 0-20 I felt shitty and depressed the whole time. It was very helpful to use this as a venting mechanism and it was helpful to see that I’m not the only one struggling. Honestly I’ve started actually enjoying my life only in the last few days. I know you mean well but its not good to bottle up those shitty emotions.

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Agree with you 100%
Without a positive outlook, we cannot win.