(POSITIVE HABIT week 1)Now trying to change stalking habit

Hello. Its me again. Im female 24 y old. Today… And a few day, i spend myself procastinating and weirdly, i spend 1 day today stalking. And i am not fond of that… I google on internet, i search people i used to know but they dont know me, yet i find 2 reasons…

Decoding Social Norms

As a part of our inquisitive hunger, we are also thirsty for connection with others. In fact, one study said that lack of human connection is more detrimental to health than obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure. But critical to finding that connection is understand the way that we interact with each other, from general behavior like kindness and empathy to finer details like sarcasm. Social media stalking is a sort of lightweight practice for social interaction, akin to watching professionals play sports instead of playing yourself.


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We’ve all felt that ping of dopamine when a ‘like’ comes through on our social media posts. That small kick of happy feelings is addictive, and it draws us to spend more and more time on social media. Part of that, obviously, is consuming other people’s content. Then, that curiosity we discussed before comes into play, and those same power dynamics, and on and on we go.

The point is that, maybe i am lonely… And maybe i fee regret about my life that disappear because an old sin
What do you guys think? You have any stories, opinion, tips to remove this habits. I dunno, sometimes i just compare, and that makes me rlly… I dont know what i seek, maybe i am lonely and i want to make bonds, or i kinda admire the person’s life(ideology, or etc.)
This sadness about life sometimes appear when i start to learn animation(3D software) i feel sad, i dont think its my true love because i actually love movies(i stalk filmmaker, i stalk people who have identities recognize by google)… Help me change this habits. Maybe male dont know this problem, maybe female can understand better when we in social media…


Actually, when i daydream, i stalk maybe twice a week or some. I still look , i dont know why it satisfy me, sometimes i see years of loss that i spend without… Awareness of what life is. And i still at lost.

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I also check out peoples social profiles time to time.Dont know if its stalking . I do it mainly out of boredom and sometimes curious. Personally, i think stalking will be a problem if it becomes obsession.

I would suggest taking break from online activities for some time.
Also, you can start hobbies like cooking,excercising,dancing,etc instead to divert your mind.
I know its easier said than done, but if you are consistent i believe you can remove the stalking habit and form healthy habits as well.

I dunno, i just sick of looking back at something i feel regret over past years…

Thanks for your sugestion. Maybe i need to tighen up myself… Discipline myself so i dont stalk ppl any longer

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I am 24 years old and I too sometimes stalk on some of beautiful women I had seen back in my college days. I see them on insta laughing and having a great time, then I see I’m just in my home doing a day job with no people to connect. I start to feel lonely and sometimes very lonely… And then there are times when I have eyes filled with tears just looking at myself, sometimes I run away from these dark thoughts by watching porn… It’s like a dark loop, pretty hard to come out of…

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Different, but still its same stalking habit and it runs into several hours right. I use appblock now and i block social media so i dont waste time


Have a similar problem with porn. I have a footfetish and I have a few YouTube channels I check constantly. It’s really hard to stop this habit. I don’t even masturbate, it’s just annoying to have that urge to see if there is something new.

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Change step by step, remember our nature is still there but you will feel better and refresh after seeing the new you

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It’s one reason i cut out social media, social media made me waste endless times online…as males will testify when we see a sexy hot girl it can lead to a relapse, just imagine…a girl you don’t know you just jerk off to her, how insane and absurd

You’re more beautiful than you think , and i am happy you admitted this because many girls won’t admit their addiction due to judgement be it real life or here as long as you admitted it you admitted it …my advice is to cut of social media, i believe about 60 to 70% of girls are really addicted to social media

I told myself, social media is not the real world, not at all, and comparing yourself to them is a huge deceit and also obsessing or feeling jealous over that particular profile is just you straining yourself, you’re wasting your time paying this people as you watch them, instead of you to better yourself…if you love social media so much, instead try to use it to make money…you can start doing something productive with it rather than wasting time on it