[Poll] Your stance on locked down Groups

So there have been a few cases where certain communities or people were straight up not allowed to join a group. Like “Indians only” group or “No Indians Allowed” group.

Now this can be offending to some people and that’s perfectly valid. But it’s a good idea aswell, having people of same community or mindset would definitely help people in the group connect with each other better.
So I would like you guys to vote whether you’d prefer locked down groups or not.

Please keep your replies civil and well thought out, respect other’s opinions.

  • Allow locked groups
  • Disallow locked groups

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Back in the days of Apartheid it was ‘Whites Only’ then came the liberals and now it’s ‘Women only’, ‘Tribals Only’ and now ‘Indians only’. Affirmative action my ass!
Equality for all.


I know @Taher is pointing towards my Topic that is 100 Day challenge for indians.

I have changed its category to international.

Now End of Discussion.

Yes I was referring to your topic and few other topics aswell, but this poll is less for current topics and more for new topics which will be created in future.


If we look for a parallel at Facebook, locked groups are just public groups where there’s an admin that approves/disapproves new joiners. I would say it’s ok. It’s not just group labels that can potentially offend, but also perfectly ok groups like Christians/Muslims only or teens only or Singles only.
But somehow in our context, it’s not technically a group but rather a thread that’s being locked. So a bit of a mismatch


I thought a bit about that.
I think a “no … allowed” is probably not right
But I mean, in this forum we can feel that there are different groups. People from different cultures / religions often have different opinions about this journey.
If I would create a group (depending on the group topic) I would love to have as many people around me with the same way of thinking.
Okay I just changed my mind.
If you create a topic where you wanna have people with the same opinion than write in the description what you are looking for and then, only people with your interests will join

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I think we can find a middle ground, like a group can be “semi-locked”.
For eg people with less than 5 day streak or married or single people group. But these will be only the recommendation by the creator, anyone can join if they want.
And groups separating religion, country, ethnicity be outright removed since it creates toxicity.
What do you think?


Semi locked sounds good

I really like the concept of the “are there Christians” group or there is also one for Muslims. But no one is criticizing them because they did it in a good way

I think that if you wanna talk about a specific thing like religion base opinions or ethnicity base opinions you can write a title to your topic which is something like “discussion of this and that” and then inside the topic you can write what you wanna do in this group and why you would prefer people from a certain group.

I don’t think that there is something wrong with something like this
“Elimination match (Christian oriented)”
And the match can then be focused on religious quotes and these kinds of things.


Dear @Taher

Recently i have locked a group called King of iron will Tournament #1 and labelled on top {entries closed}
I had asked for applications for around 4 days and 33 users send their submition.
Since there is a Rule of elimination on one relapse and thus everybody must start from a common beginning ( eg. I started the match today ).
Hence If in future if anyone wants to join the Tournament then it would be completly unfair for all 33 members because suppose the Tournaments remains continued in the month of April with 10 members remaining out of 33
And at this point someone comes and wants to join. Then how can we allow him it obiously becomes unfair for the remaining 10 people because
There will be only one winner at the end of the Tournament.

The new entries should wait for the Tournament to finish.

And One Another Thing Sir,
I shall make a King of Iron will Tournament season 2
So I am filling a CopyRight here.


Well, we have various subforums right? If there are a lot of indian people who want a “national” group than maybe the admins should look at creating such a subforum (if it doesn’t already exist).

IMO it’s best to make these kind of topics in a subforum where they belong but without putting “Nation X only” in the title. I mean, I’m not responding to topics in the portugese subforum either (I don’t even speak portugese so how could I lol).

Same could also be said for religious groups, for example. If lots of people are making threads with “only religion Y allowed”, then maybe they want a subforum devoted to that religion


Seems like a really good idea to me.

Semi locked is a good idea. But in 2018, maybe avoiding locked groups would be the best bet. I feel like someone down the road will take it the wrong way. It personally doesnt bother me having them, but it might to someone else. This community is about helping eachother, not dividing.

Hey man if u don’t lock a group then ppl are just gonna keep pouring in and then how and when do u expect the challenge to start. And fyi when someone locks a group they ask for a certain time period for entries and if u happen to overlook it then how is it their fault.

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Update : So as of now there isn’t any hard rule implemented for groups. All new groups rules will be inspected by me or the moderation team and if there is any questionable material found we’ll take action.
So just use your common sense and try not to offend anyone.


This will create a barrier of entrance for new entrants. Beginners will feel unwelcomed and it will be very hard for them to join the community.

New ideas won’t be freely available to all the people and there will be a storm of misinformation and there won’t be anyone to correct the other. #keepthegroupsopen