PMO vs Authentic Love

The more I watched this “filth”, the more I realised that essentially what it is is turning every woman - Teen/Mid/Even grandma, and Men into “mindless” Animals. In turn, the viewer (you and me), also becomes what he/she perceives - a mindless animal and that is the eventual endgame of the whole adult industry, not just pron. To be honest, Im 19 yo and i have no idea what Authentic Love is, what a true, pure relationship is and not just how they pirtray in media,movie etc… I dont know but Im sure it would be something beautiful, Peaceful and Pure and Not the violent, Animal savagery they show in pron and other despicable media. We need to ask ourselves, Are We guys here… Animals? Or Caring and Loving Humans…
Please give your thoughts on this. :grin:


Yeah bro the more I see/read about real love, the more I get disgusted at p*. Now I wonder how these people even live.

Eg. Even kisses, hugs, you can tell the difference between if it’s lustful and if it’s from love. And it’s a BIG difference.


Kisses, Hugging, cuddling are the healthy form of expression of sexual intercourse. It cannot be shown, filmed etc it can only be felt and experienced with the person you truly love. (Just like you cannot experience how tasty a pizza is and how great it is just by seeing people eat it on Tv, youtube etc… You have to eat it yourself, a very crude example) Sad part is… Even healthy sexual intercourse is demonised by pron because Men addicted to it will want to enact those same scenes in real life…


This is so true brother. Porn is goddamn evil. Today porn is what shapes our generation’s perception of sex, love, and relationships. A godforesaken generation is going to grow up who’s only idea of love is going to be this fucking filth. I am just 17. I have no idea what true love or relationships feel like, or what sex feels like. I used to believe that what porn showed me was real, just like every one of my friends. I know now, that is not true. I know now, everything and anything we see on screens, is not real. It’s the fucking Matrix all over again.
Porn is the demise of men, all over the world, talented guys with tons of potential. This is going to destroy entire generations, this is going to devolve the human species. NoFap is the only way out, it is our only hope at salvation.