Pmo effects long term

Hi bros.
I deal with anxiety and some depression for about 4 years. In my opinion i was a sex addict and now i still am but not so much. I am doing semen preservation and nofap with the desire of becoming my better version and not dealing with anxiety and mental issues. I am in day39 NoPmo. My record was 50days. Still have mental problems. I have good habits. Meditation, cold showers, lifting, walking in nature, marcial arts, no sex, nopmo but i still have mental problems.
Sometimes i think like the world is unfair. I know friends who have wifes and gfs who fap to porn a lot and they are happy without mental problems. And they have bad habits. I am a lonely guy who fights everyday for becoming better and better with the hope that one day i will he happy…
My only explanation for that is past lifes. Maybe i was a sex addict who didn’t do shit… I don’t know… What do you think mates?

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people often want nofap to be a cure for all diseases and health should just flood them when they do nofap.

First of all: Don’t believe that the people around you don’t have problems. I know from my friends, everyone has his problems. But obviously you don’t show them to others. Do your friends know about your mental problems? Do you talk with them about it? Once you start to ask your friends about their mental issues, you will discover that everyone struggles with something.

Second, Nofap doesn’t cure all diseases!! To me, it seems like you are chasing happiness. You are searching for the reasons why others are happy, but you aren’t. You work hard to feel good but the harder you try, the less you will find what you are searching. That can be one major reason for depression. So, even with a really good lifestyle, if you don’t accept that you can choose to be happy, independent of other factors, only than you can start healing your disorders. Both, anxiety and depression, can have a multitude of sources which are feeding them. you have to figure them out and treat them (or figure them out together with a therapist).

I myself had a major depression for many years, but nobody knew about it. My family and my girlfriend knew that I don’t feel well, but they didn’t know that I was planning my suicide. That shows, never believe that your friends have no problems. I then cured it long before I even knew what nofap is. They don’t have to be linked.


Sémen preservation will help me… I know it.
Thanks bro

Whats your Age ?

Explain your mental problems clearly.

Perturbed generalized anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts but not so common these days

21 years old… Mate

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If these symptoms are long lasting I would suggest professional help. Don’t wait too long because it may take longer to recover.

Hope you break out of this handfull of emotions and thoughts. We all need the right kind of motivation even in our fight with nofap.

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I am 26 yrs. Old.
I take anti depression drugs & i have anxiety too.
My life has improved a lot in just 26 days of hard mode.
When i will complete 31 days i will try to quit my medication too.

I should say its a long process of healing. 39 days are not that long to judge nofap. Give yourself atleast an year bro.
Your life will become heaven, stay patient & humble
Glory of 1000 days of nofap.
The heaven is not far from us … keep on marching forward with clear conscience.


Nofap just one of million problem. I sense some jealousy here, im also been struggling for pmo for 7 years now from age 13 and now im 19. Im glad I know this habit earlier is a problem since I was about 15 but not take it seriously until age 17. There are other people who doing pmo got gf and she still loves their boyfriend and we cant compare that bcoz maybe theres a connection between them that makes the girl still love their bf which makes the girl accept whatever his bf doing. And that is suck that we here becoming better ourself and some ppl out there have bad habit and still got gf while we doesn’t. But I know that there will be someone for every 7 billion ppl in this world trust me the probability you finding the ones you love is very high you just have to be patient or make a move. My parent always tell me that “if you want something in life then work your ass for it” why? Bcoz its life. We feel sad, happy, stress, bored and many types of emotion and that called life we need to struggle at the beginning and at the end when we reach the summit, that will be the most satisfying feel we can ever be. I dont dwell on my past, I know there is a reason behind that to be happen, to make us become the best version of ourself, it will not be exciting journey if our life only about colourful rainbow and cloud isn’t?.

Just a thought from adventures boy age 19 who only a fraction knows about life.

Edited: only know a fraction


Hey brother. It’s great that you have the self awareness to know that merely doing NoFap is not helping you enough. NoFap is still certainly helping you, but not enough, and it seems that the right kind of therapy will help you a great deal. A lot of our mental problems come from destructive subconscious thought patterns and learned helplessness picked up in childhood. The right kind of therapy will help you break through these thought patterns (this includes the thought pattern leading to the conclusion “the world is unfair”) and associated behaviors. Changing your thoughts and behavioral responses is going to take a ton of energy, and that’s where your NoFap lifestyle will be an enormous help, and in the end it will all be worth it. And in case there is underlying trauma of any kind/degree, the right kind if therapy will help with that, too.

In general, having an attitude of acceptance towards anything that happens (including finding acceptance difficult!), loving yourself including all your imperfections and hardships, and embracing uncertainty are key to returning to one’s power.


The mental anxiety is serious…?? If it has reached to the extreme point I suggest you ask for medication, you can consult a psychiatrist if it is too much. Other than that you are doing well, right now on 39th streak you say right???.. You are doing better than most of us. Give yourself credit man. Only way you can ever achieve happiness is if you focus in yourself. There is no other way .

There will always be someone better than you, but if you continue to focus on them, you won’t have time for yourself. Just improve day by day that will be enough. At least that’s what I feel.


Btw what else is going on your life? You’re just 21… What are you focusing on in terms of education or career? How are your relationships with women your age? How are they with men?


I don’t need to be a psychologist to see what is your problem.
You have anxiety (social?) you are lonely guy, and you envy other who have girlfriend while watching porn.

You have taken a lot of actions, but none to tacle the root problem, you are not going out enough!
Nofap and all the other action are good but they do not match your true desire.

As a result of not matching your true desire to have an exciting social life, you feel that you have mental problems. In fact it’s the opposite your mental is very intelligent and he is telling that you are not doing the right thing.

Take back control of your life, go out, keep all the activities that you have. Healing happen emotionaly in general, we store difficult emotions in our body, since you martials arts I suggest to you to practice some kind of yoga that could replace meditation and I think more efficient at healing and having more energy.


Medication is like blocking the problem by shutting your house door but the problem will eventualy come out throw windows.

Medication is not a solution for anxiety believe me i am taking them for more than 8 years

The solution is simple, you have figured out one piece of puzzle by taking to nofap now other step is pushing yourself into uncomfortable situation again & again till you master the art of social skills

Rewiring of brain will happen … have patience and push forward soldier… aaaahhhooo

I also suggest you one more thing… that is REGULAR PHYSICAL EXCERCISE

Rope skipping
Pullups… the list goes on & on… prepare your ass for hard work… sweat it out there if you wanna have some belief in yourself

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What are you saying bro… Man, my sister is suffering from OCD and it reached a point where it got tougher for her to live a normal life man, but after proper medication after consulting a psychiatrist she is recovering. It works bro, although in our society it is a taboo where ignorant people regard it as being crazy. You know you are from India.

I spoke about circumstances of extreme conditions man, on primary level will power is enough.

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It is correct. Once you reach a certain point, medication alone won’t heal you. I guess the problem is that you take medication for 8 years and believe that you don’t have to work on your anxiety anymore because you take medication. But if you understand what a mental disease is and how a medication work, you will see that a medication is not a cure. It only tries to assist you.

Medication is one step. It gives you the capability to move on with a therapy. It gives you motivation and strength to push on. But the real healing has to come from yourself.

As babi is saying. I think, that if you have a major depression or any anxiety there is absolutely no way around any kind of therapy. This typically includes a medication and a psychologist. Once you proceeded far enough in the therapy, you can reduce your medication to gain self confidence, that you can tackle the problems on your own without medication.

That’s why I personally really hate the comments “do nofap and sports and all your diseases will disappear”. It works for small uncomfortable things, minor problems. But it is not a one-fit-all solution to heal everything

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Let’s go to heaven brother!!! Day41 now… I take antidepressants to… It’s hard but we will do it… I am getting better but the process is long

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I am having therapeutic help

Agree bro. Let’s do it. I am young to. 21. You are very mature for that age