PMO and social isolation, will it start to get better?

Hi everyone,
I’m 26 and I’ve been using PMO for 15 years, often with videogames or too much time spent on movies, anime and tv series. It’s been a year since I’m aware of my problem and never went past 14 days of nofap. However I keep trying and starting to see little improvement. However I realized I have a problem with my social life, I feel like I don’t give a shit about making friends or knowing girls. It’s like I don’t have the drive. I had few relationships with girls in the past, and I’m sure about about my sexual orientation, however I feel like my emotions and desires are numb. I’m suffering about this because I’m aware that I haven’t got any deep connection with people but at the same time trying to build this bonds feels like I’m faking it.
I’m a sporty guy, take care of myself and often receive interested looks from women but I feel stuck, i don’t answer that. Feel like my life is going on and I’m being a spectator.

I am now more committed than ever to stop PMO and also isolating activities like videogames, tv series, etc… Do you think this will start getting better? I was thinking I should seek some professional advice, but I’m not very conviced.
I’m stuck at home because of the pandemic, busy with uni lectures, so the situation overall doesn’t help me socialiaze. Any suggestions or someone who has been through this?


It’s easy!

Your problem is that you never had interest in people!

You don’t care about people, because you care only about you… So you never did the efforts to understand people, to try to communicate with them, to connect with them.

It’s always the same story with nerd. Now you realise that your life sucks, you can’t have sex and you don’t know how to behave with people.

Bro! You have 100% the responsability of this situation.

Now… You have time to learn how to develop social skills and how to develop authentic interest for people around you.

NO PMO is the start of a nice fucking journey for you :slight_smile: Be happy and celebrate this


I definitely understand what you mean because I was there, I felt nothing just glimpses of emotions that sort of guided what I wanted on life.

I don’t know your reasons but un my case the root of the issue wasn’t PMO, PMO exacerbated the issue, but with out addressing the root cause things will never change.

In my case it was the way I had to survive to my childhood and adolescence. I had a family that suppressed my feelings because they had it much worse than me and therefore I couldn’t complain. So instinctively I suppressed the feelings that weren’t helpful to survive to that situation.

Again I don’t know what the root cause of your issue would be, but PMO makes it worst. I fighting PMO with little success but I’m trying. And the other issue I can say I identified by reading a psicology book and seeking therapy.

I hope this helps :+1:, at least you are aware that it’s an issue witch is the first step. Let’s keep fighting PMO and our demons

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Yeah bro, I understand what you are saying but I wasn’t always like this, I had relationships in the past, also friend relationships and I was always there on the line, to listen to their problems and help when difficult situations. In 90% of cases it ended up people was using me. So this is one big reason I started to close in myself, but I understand it’s not a mature way of dealing with the problem. Thanks for answering :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing. I get it :wink:

Forgive these young people who are here on Earth to learn how to love themselves. As we are all…

Future is not necessary the same than past.


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I think feeling like shit it’s part of the recovery, and being aware it’s only the beginning of the journey. I really appreciate your feedback FlowForCourage and SugarToesFrank. I will keep fighting my way to freedom. Good luck and stay strong. :crossed_swords::yin_yang:

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I’m confused…

Feeling like a shit is important, but we can’t stay on this feeling. It’s a question of self esteem: we can temporarily feel like a shit, but behind this feeling knowing deeply that we are able to realise very awesome things in our life because we are great!

I don’t know if I explain it clearly… Sorry. English isn’t my native language. I’m improving it day after day ^^’

It’s the feeling, not myself. It’s a way for me to say I feel bad because of all the negative feelings I’ve never took responsability and dealt with. And now I’m being aware, because not using pmo and videogames to cover them. I’m not planning to stay on this feeling, I just hope it will start to fade away gradually in time. I didn’t give up on myself and will never do, I’m positive about this. That’s all right about English and thanks for motivation and encouragement. Good luck bro.

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