Plz share your Journey of NOFAP

Can anybody plz share his nofap benefits he get while on this journey
Like what was before and what happened after NOFap
It would really be helpful for me

If you can pass the 7 day mark, you’ll feel it.
Challenge yourself to get to 90 days.


I watched porn first time (15yr old) becoz one of my friend downloaded it in my phone. Then other friend told me about masturbation. So, one day I was alone in the house and I tried PMO and it felt good. But It was not habit. It became habit slowly over the years. When I was 20, I used to do PMO almost everyday.

Then I saw a ted talk which was talking about bad effects of porn. I didn’t know that it had a bad effect on my mind, I never felt it. But I anyway tried to stop it but I couldn’t. I used to always relapse every second day.

After a lot of trying, researching etc. I decided to just replace my phone with a keypad phone for some days. I went 10 days pmo free.

On 10th day, I had worst experience of my life. In the night, I was having very very bad urge. My whole body was literally shaking, salivating, anxiety levels were through the roofs. I was dying to see one porn video. But I couldn’t becoz I only had a keypad phone with 1g network. I even tried to use that to watch porn :joy::joy: but it was taking 5 minutes to load a single picture and also the screen Was too small. I just said “bhaag mein jaaye” (go to hell) and I tried to sleep. After some time I slept.

Next morning, I was feeling awesome. At that time I knew this IS an addiction, which can push me in a viscious cycle of feeling bad, doin pmo, feeling worse. So after some years of trying I was able to control it and now it is not that bad.

Addiction is any activity which you have to do just to feel normal (oversimplifying) . So when you leave it, you feel less than normal (withdrawal effects) But after some time you will better and in more control.

Having no addictions has no benefits as such. But having addictions do have many ill effects.
So, benefits of nofap is that you will have less of all those effects of addiction + some sense of accomplishment and control.


if i have to explain my nofap journey till in two words then it will be " zigzag graph"

sometimes up sometimes down

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