Pluviophile's survival diary

9th May 2020
It’s almost 2 years I got addicted to this shit. Everytime I do it I feel like I cannot breathe without it. But after doing I sunk myself in darkness and regret. Why I did it? It has destroyed my confidence I had and hampered my study horribly. I wanted to get rid of this but every third or fourth steps I failed. Nevertheless I am not gonna stop my efforts. Now I am starting from

Day - 0

My targets are

  1. No PMO
  2. Studying 5 hours everyday
  3. Praying to god
  4. Sleeping before midnight

New start brother. GOD bless you.


You’re starting in the right direction.
But you know, it’s so easy to say such words just after relapse. Be patient. Think about your resolutions day by day. Wake up with what you want to achieve in that day and go to bed thinking about what was good and what was bad. Pray to the God few times a day, it’s the shield against urges, but you need to renew it every few hours.
Don’t rely on motivation, it’s b*tch. Be a friend of discipline. Work out. It helps you think that you can’t waste your working out streaks. It also helps in feeling good again faster.
First days are the hardest. Don’t let your mistakes ruin you and your goals. Yu are capable of happiness. Smile, that’s what people who are close to the God do, that’s what pmo free people do.
Good luck brother!


Today’s update
18 May 2020
I have completed 5 days. Though I started 9th May I have relapsed multiple time which was very sad and I had to turn my counter in zero. I am studying more than but can not study as much as 5 five hours. I am struggling to increase my study time. I am now praying regularly. I go to bed before midnight but can not sleep until 2 or 3 am like I have got insomnia. That’s another problem. Everybody pray for me that I never relapse again in my lifetime.
Good luck everyone
Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


23 May 2020
10 days completed achieving the batch apprentice
It was really tough coz always urges come and triggers me to masturbate. I tried hard. Hope I can reach no pmo for lifetime. My study time has also increased but not as much 5 hours a day. Hope I will be able to study more.
Everyone pray for me.
Thanks to all the companion here in the groups for accompanying everyone

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, do something you like, play an instrument play videogames learn to meditate, work out, something I can tell you the worst thing is not to talk about how you feel, if your are ashame of telling your relatives , say it in this group always there are people willing to help. Grettings

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Give me some advice everyone
I am gonna complete 12 days today but again some wandering thoughts coming in my mind which making me depressed and triggering to masturbate. I am feeling like hopeless.

The thoughts are temporary, they will go. Don’t let them conquer you. You know you are better than that. Think about the streak you already have. Do you want it to go back to 0…because that would suck! Stay strong!:muscle:t5:
Get yourself busy…pray…just do something…not it!