Pls answer me (important question)

I am A Saiyan and I wanted to ask If I watch pmo without mastributing will It make me stronger or I will be more weak (note - I didn’t tried this thing nor peeking so pls don’t curse me with your magic words :sweat_smile:)

Thank you


Porn without masturbation, It’s a lie. It doesn’t exists.
It will just make the conditions worse.
Porn is completey toxic , It’s more important to quit porn than quitting masturbation.


Watching p*** is good in no way brother, if you keep. watching it you will end up MOing for sure, even one peek is harmful, for me even watching p*** is a relapse and it should be so for all, I have already explained it once or twice and I know you read it.


I think you ll be more weak. Because

  1. You are mind won’t differentiate when you ll have real sex ( porn and real women are different)
  2. Now your mind already trying to tell you that you are watching without masturbating which means you are thinking you are different than others. But you know at the end we all ended up in the same line

I’d rather tell you to use your hands and imaginations to please yourself than to watch that filth to feel some fake approval. It’ll destroy you, let alone it making you weak.


You will eat salt and not get thirsty.

You will watch porn and not masturbate.



This is the truth…


It will simply make you weak. Watching that crap will set up the triggers and long story short you can end up again at the bottom. You simply can’t become pure and fast if you still stand on the mud, the mud will make you slower, so stay away from the mud.


The edge is dangerous. The goals is not imagine sex but to live the love with your girlfriend and not occasional sex with who you not love.


Thanks to all of you guys for advicing me

If seeing other people having food do not satisfy your hunger… then how can you imagine seeing other having sex satisfy your cravings??? No Brother no!! It’s a trap. I’am fighting pmo since 18 years and this is my final attemp…I had also said just one time just one time…till to the level where I’am almost paralyzed physically…emotionally…economically and mentally… Can you imagine the level of misuse, abuse, frustration and depression i went through? Dude, pmo is a death trap. Be careful.


Porn will bake your Brian in poison and will destroy your manhood. It will make you so weak that even the beggar in the street will be wiser than you.
It will destroy you humanity, empathy for others, it’ll make you a zombie without emotions, will power and you’ll walk around with a dead soul.
Girls will Subconsciously know that you watch porn and will always stay away from you. You’ll be objectifying woman. Your dreams will become wild and you’ll see dreams that are totally against your values and ethic because of the incest videos you watch in that site.
Your goals will be nothing to you. Life will touch rock bottom. Everything will end!
Ok, so still if you want to watch porn, do it. Iam saying this not only to you bro. But also to myself, Iam also warning myself.



We masturbate As long as these sexual positions in the brain so the danger is not far away …

We will be fine when you passed and you have a deep believe that this good for your free brain when you see any :fire: scence and to look back and to have this decion that this your decion you are the leader and the controller …
Stay :muscle: man … stay safety …

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You can never be saiyan… Unless you stay away from pmo for 1 year.

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