Please tell if it is a relapse?

Hi, I’m freebies 23M. Yesterday when I was surfing internet I came accross a music site when I clicked I was redirected to p site. As images and videos were loading I closed that tab but after that I was feeling some urges. Then I opened YouTube where I saw some videos of bikini women. Please tell if it is a relapse?


Welcome to the Rewire Companion Community!

This is called peeking. It’s when you get urges and look at ‘soft porn’. It’s trying to get a dopamine rush, but not using ‘actual porn’.

By the standard noFap definition, it’s considered edging, and I would advise you to consider it as a relapse. It’s not necessary though, if you don’t peek again in your streak.

Why it’s usually counted as relapse-

  1. Peeking strengthens the reward system in your brain associated with porn. Our aim here is to break that circuit, not strengthen it.
  2. Most people relapse after peeking. The urges are too high.
  3. You feel guilty and use the peek as an excuse to break your streak later down the line.

So if you’re counting it as relapse, a very important thing is not to get disappointed and binge relapse. Stay strong :fire:

Flame on,