Please suggest me an app to block urls on android

I had an antivirus app that blocked porn sites but it was free for only 7 days. So please suggest me an app to restrict porn sites ob my android.

I suggest an app blocker. where suppose you watch porn normaly at night after 8pm. you could set time to block from 8pm to the time when you wake up in the morning. you can select all the apps you want to block.

this an awesome app. please read the FAQ in the app for more information. :blush:


You can download "keep me out "for focussing on your work .


I have to be connected to the net almost everytime to even study and learn. So appblock is not a suitable option for me. Do you have any app recommendations for parental control. Most of them are 7days trial.

Sorry bro I don’t have any.

Why don’t you try spinweb browser.
and you can use the app block at the same time. you can block the defaut browser in your phone and playstore. so that you can prevent yourself from installing any other browser when your urges take control.

Try blocksite. It works.


Download safe surfer app it’s totally free in Google play store.Go with the procedure and install the app .Once you complete the installation it will ask you to setup a password and then try to give random password so that you won’t remember it
Hope this will help you as it helped me .
Thank you

Try qustodio and throw the password away