Please recommend a nofap supplement

I relapsed yesterday, please recommend me supplement for speedup recovery?


My suggestion will be

  1. Just analyze your journey till now, make all points which make ur mood to fap and work upon it .

And that’s it
I don’t know much more to recovery fast
But know a guy who will help out you
@ysub, @Ash_Matt , @ali4th, @_TIGER and many more .


First follow this advice brother @michu123 :+1::+1::+1:


Apart from this develop good habits to replace the old habit regular exercising, meditating, reading books helps a lot. @michu123 , I don’t think there actually are any medication like supplement to faster the recovery if you are asking for that.


I think you are trying to overcome that guilt phase after relapse… well there is no shortcut brother… although you can distract your mind from thinking about that by making good habits and improving your lifestyle like going to gym… doing meditation… study etc… so that you feel that you are making your life better… within a week you’ll have your motivation back


If you relapsed before 10 mint then follow this :

  1. take a cold shower and wash your d*** properly
  2. take more water
    3)don’t delay in taking meals or food.
    4)try to avoid chaser effect…
    Never take any medicine or supplement because body knows how to balance. You can take 1 2 hrs sleep …for speed recovery…

To reduce relapse follow this:

  1. daily meditation…you can miss your meals but not meditation. (Mandatory)
  2. regular exercise (do like a normal person we don’t want to be a body builder ,1 hr is enough)

People always want to hurry streaks immediately after relapses-I face that too. One thing you have to accept is that it WILL take time. Be ready and wary at all times.


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