Please opine on what to do?

I video called a girl today, while talking to her I got turned on so while talking over video call I tried jerking off, but after 4 or 5 strokes I realised my mistake and I stopped immediately.

For a moment there Demon has taken over me.

Is this Counted as Relapse?

Upvote if - it’s not considered as Relapse

Downvote if - this is considered as Relapse


This is not a Relapse because you have realised your mistake.

Now you have to face real pain & suffering for next day & night.

If you are a real man , you will pass this hurdle in your life and move on with the realization


That’s a very brave choice you made there, many of us won’t come back even after realizing, for that one particular moment. Keep the same resistance to urges. … so I can relate to this topic, well during my initial stages around day 40-50s , there was one lady I used to chat and one night while speaking with her on phone , OMG her voice literally made me almost wet, and that was the last time I talked to her , so I blocked her because chatting with her gave me urges every fucking time. As I realized it might jepardize my streak or might be the definite reason of my relapse I took the decision to block. Well I can’t say anything but I would recommend if you believe that she could be the reason for your relapse too, then minimize interacting with her or completely avoid until your reboot. By the way what day are you on.


Thank you. Yes, I took on your advice. I have minimalized my contact with her.

Thank you for your genuine reply!

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