Please need a quick response,

Guys I watched a show on Netflix called sex, explained. It has some nude videos. I got erected.i think I had released some precum or something like that. Does it break my nofap ?


No, it doesnt break your nofap. You are the one who is going to decide when it is breaked or not.
Yes. You watched dirt & you got dirty. Just wash the dirt and take a cold shower. Without resetting the counter, meditate on this, is this edging going to strengthen you from inside.
Or this dirt is melting your inner strength !!


So I can continue this nofap right?

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I guess you could continue, but try not to watch Adult series or series literally called ‘Sex explained’ while on noFap.
It depends though. Did you watch the scenes or turn away from them? Rewiring matters.

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I just watched it in the sense of a documentary series

It happened somehow.

Yes, you continue & take the event as a lesson for future encounters.

It’s clearly not a relapse… Unless you watched this program with the intention of seeing some hot moments.

Ok thanks for your reply