Please help (Urgent), Can NoFap and a Reboot fix these issues. I don't want to Relapse!

I am almost getting discouraged cos I see no improvement or specific testimonies of people having these issues fixed and it’s making me want to relapse. I have been on no PMO for a month now and nothing has changed. Although I let my eyes view instagram girls some times.

Please Can these issues be fixed (summarized) :

  1. PMOing for around 9 years (i’m 25). Always used left hand as a result my penis slants a bit to the left when erect and sometimes when flaccid - This doesn’t bother me as long as the other issues could be fixed

  2. Used to start masturbation several times without first getting a hard on.

  3. Masturbation frequency: 3 -4 times a week many times

  4. My main issue : Need physical stimulation to get a hard on. I would only get hard via physical stimulation. Once I get hard, if I stop the physical stimulation with my hand, my erection goes away immediately. Also now, erection hardness is not 100%, more like 60%

  5. Can’t maintain erection for more than 5 seconds without continuous stimulation.

  6. I’m now 25. When I was <20 years, I had rock solid 100% erections and the angle was very straight and perpendicular. Now apart from not getting fully hard until I stimulate with my hand, when hard, it’s not nearly as hard as when I was <20 yrs and the angle is not perpendicular or straight anymore. It’s far weaker and less than a 90 degree angle

  7. I’m a virgin and I plan to wait till marriage for real sex. I plan to marry very soon though. Can I Heal before I have sex in marriage without having real sex beforehand? I am resolute on only having sex with my GF when married. A mutual religious decision. Is there any case where one heals before real sex, and can know it or feel it?

  8. I also don’t get morning wood anymore as i used to before and even if i do, it’s like 20% hard

Please can anyone help me on these questions? I am really depressed when I think of my issues and the fact that my soon to be wife might be disappointed with me.

Thank you


Keep going… don’t look for rewards brother… just keep going with the flow. If you are only doing nofap and not doing other physical activity , then it can’t help you. Try to spend time in nature. Observe how beautiful the world is. Keep your mind healthy and positive. And don’t think about nofap always. If you focus on one particular thing , then you will surely relapse. Become busy. Do whatever but don’t look into porn…
As you have been addict for 9 years, it may take a little bit more time. But keep patience . Dude you have completed one month and that’s not a joke. It needs real potential to complete 1 month.
Just keep going without even thinking about results.
That’s all I can say, even though im no one to advice you because I haven’t been able to that successful but as a friend I share these things with you. Stay blessed brother🤗


Ur situation is big because u ahave been doing it for a long time but u can recover but it will take time. But the first thing u have to focus on is ur freedom that must be the number one priority u must understand that doing PMO has consequences and some of those consequence will be permanent unfortunately, some of them can change but the only way ur going to discover those things are if u stop and start searching for ur freedom so u should forget abt ur other issues for now because PMO is the real enemie because the more u do PMO the more and bigger the consequence will be and maybe u lose smth that will change u.


Don’t give up! Definatelly don’t give up.
Maybe look up kegel exercises.


If yu understand hindi , Please watch salil jamdar asli mard all three chapters , Trust me it will answer you most of the questions


I can answer about the first one tho…
It wierd, but no one has a 100% straight erection…most have a slight angle, due to innerwear,etc.
The other effects seem to be those of PIED and yes, they should be curable with dedicated NoFap if you are true to yoursef

  1. Don’t worry. Slanting of the penis is quite common. It’s nothing to be worried about.
    2,3,4,5. Yes, these issues are sometimes credited to excessive PMO. PIED is a real thing. You have been just stimulating yourself all these years and it’s possible that the boi has turned desensitised to it. Have you noticed that we cannot tickle ourselves? I’m not saying boners are the same thing, but try actual sex and only then can we figure out.
  2. Morning wood doesn’t mean shit.

Don’t quit for seeing benefits or solving problems, quit, because this shit is disgusting, pathetic, drains your time and energy, wastes a shit ton of time, and is completely unnecessary for your life. Go marry your girlfriend, you won’t have any problems. If these problems are indeed PM related, you’ll need to quit and reboot, for a longer period of time, somewhere around 90 days. But this is extremely personal and depends on the frequency and severity of the habit. I , personally want to quit forever. I don’t ever want to jerk off, ever again, in my whole life.

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