Please, help me

Now I really want to relapse again after 10 days do not do masturbation. In the mind feels dizzy, unfocused, and the urge to masturbate stronger. Please help me how to get past this all. Thanks

Hey @risqisetia171,
It is completely normal to feel urges so don’t panic if you are feeling like doing it. The good thing is that your desire to not fap is getting stronger and you are here to seek help when the urges are uncontrollable. You need to understand that your brain has been trained to feel that kick of dopamine every now and then whenever you fapped but now it is lacking and your brain is resisting that change, so it is playing with your thoughts. You don’t need to resist those thoughts but you just need to resist from acting upon it. Let your brain play its tricks, let it think whatever it wants to think. Take a hypothetical chair and sit in front of your brain, just watch it doing its evil tricks. Don’t take action on those thoughts.

Some tips to supress those urges-

  • Do some physical activity (brisk walk/running/push ups/squats etc.)
  • Take a cold shower
  • Drink lots of water, when you pee your urges decrease dramatically
  • Spend some time with your family, trust me its the best trick
  • Just a few more minutes or hours and it will be 11 days of your streak.

Just be patient and try to remember the benefits that you’ll get after conquering this habit. Its for your own good. Spend this time doing some productive activity.
I am with you, everyone here is with you. Don’t fall brother. Rise above these thoughts. I believe in you. You will win.

Stay Strong, Happy Nofapping


Keep your self busy and at any cost dont touch your pvt part .dont stay alone, be strong yiu can do it


Okay thanks friends for the solution, now my mind is much better for your answer. May god bless you. Thank you very much


Hit 11 bro… Its easy, you can :sunglasses:

Yes bro, i will now be more disciplined again… Thanks


One More Thing
:atom_symbol: in times of Urges, Sit and Close your eyes. Dont suppress your thoughts just feel all that in your head. Concentrate on your head. The energy slowly will start to Rise from your groin towards the head. Your head acts like a magnet here and this energy is not visible. Everytime you achieve a success in Transforming that Urge into your Brain, you starts to become more powerful than before.