Please help me!


I had a 14 day streak and lost it and I was so upset. Now I can’t even get a streak of like 3 days.
Can someone please give me some advice on how to keep going. Thank you

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Whenever Urge comes, Sit down, cross legs , close your eyes, Feel all urges in your mind. Dont fight with them. Concentrate on your brain. Attract all energy upwards towards your brain. Keep meditating until it disappears.
Keep a Hardcore determination and keep doing this excercise for 21 days.


Resurgent, dont you think you spend too much time here?


Yes, you are right bro.
This app has become a daily habit i think but its under my control. I can uninstall it anytime.
I shall continue visiting here until my 90 days are complete. After that i shall visit very less.
Yeah! It is time waste if we spend more than half an hour on it.


I understand you, after relaps from my streak of 33 days, i feel mentaly weak, i relaps 2 times in 3 days. Maybe we must take a break.I feel alot of preasure with only think in start a new streak.


Dont watch any video for next 15 days and try to sleep early.


But not as much time wasted as when you fap. This app is trying to save us:)