Please help me understand

I had almost relapsed but I somehow stop myself. it’s a weird question but still, I did not cum… although there was this colourless liquid (probably semen) came out just a drop. What significance does it have.
have I lost the streak?
please help me to understand this.

ps: I don’t feel anything like I used to feel after ejaculation. I’m still feeling positive and energetic after being able to stop myself. Also I took a shower straight away.


What matters bro is what you considering as a relapse…
Some people consider even a single sexual thought as a relapse
So… if you consider ejaculating as a relapse, then you didnt break a streak since that liquid drop is not semen but preorgasm


I have created a challenge, also you are welcome to my challenge bro… it may help us

Its precum, not semen and comes out usually when people are horny and hard. Some people also lose semen during no fap when urinating or defecation due to pressure exerted on prostate called semen leakage and some people lose it in sleep unconsciously called wet dreams. In both cases, the semen is not colourless.


Precum helps in natural lubrication during sexual intercourse


So bro, u did masturbate and u didnt ejaculate, am i right?

Its up to u , if you count this as relapse or not. I would say no need to feel demotivated, continue your streak but if you repeat this mistake again, then surely count it as relapse. Because mistake repeated more than once is a decision


Me?? Is this a wrong mention??

Were you watching Po** or some erotic content??

Thanks, man. That helps

Yes it’s was porn… I was gonna be very pathetic…don’t feel good about porn but I could stop and it felt a little better. I’m on my 7th day. Trying to beat the chaser effect.

I stop midway …didn’t complete masturbation
Hey I was trying to enter you challenge before as well but I couldn’t find my sharing code.
Please tell how do I join in.

Thanks man✌️… I didn’t know this.

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You have relapsed my friend. You are on nofap whatever mode you are on , watching porn is a straight relapse whether you did ,masturbate or not …

You need to start again from 0

I get it dude. I have reset my streak. Thanks

I think no guys …
You didn’t do something to count it as a relapse , I don’t understand what happened to count it ?!

And I don’t understand why the thinking of porn is wrong … if this thoughts ( like urge you fight and fight it i think it’s so fair about 10 min it is not the end )

Of course we are responsible about our thoughts but let me be more specific …

  • What he did to count this as a realpse ? ( And please no general answer ) What happened ??

He said that … positive and energy …
But I think that even if the semen ejaculated, it did come out without his will , he was fighting .

Maybe I am wrong , I hope that you will understand my question also .

Please, don’t get trapped in edging !! There are alot of misconception that nofap cause prostate cancer but for your kind information. edging you’ve been doing lately is bad for your health and may increase your risk of prostate cancer


Well releasing precum ( it is a clear lubricant that prepares the urethra for the climax ) is not consider as relapse!

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