Please help me out!

Hey guys. I need some help.
I had a 20 day streak for the first time in my life after which I relapsed and kept on relapsing four days continuously for 4 days ( once a day) . After that I have an ongoing 6 day streak and I don’t get any urges. But the problem is that since the last three days I feel like my desire for having sex also is gone. I wanna ask that whether it’s a flatline ( because I cannot believe it as it’s too soon) or is it some effect of edging (I edged a little in those 4 continuous days of relapsed after my 20 dat streak) .

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Have u edged in ur 6 days streak ?

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Yes . Just once on the first day in the 6 day streak.
After that the next I did watch porn ( I don’t know why) but i didn’t touch kyself.
So yeah basically after the first day I didn’t edge

Your libido didn’t go anywhere. This is the result of the addiction. When you stop edging, peeking, watching pornography and masturbating, your healthy, natural sexuality will return.

Don’t sabotage yourself. Edging is very damaging to your sexual health and leads to erectile dysfunction. I know, I used to be a hardcore edger. Leave it all behind you, you won’t miss a thing.

You’ve gone 20 days before, that proves you have what it takes to go a lifetime. You don’t need pornography or masturbation, it isn’t providing you with any benefits.

Read It’s a short read ~110 pages, and it’s the best advice I’ve seen so far on how to get rid of the addiction - and I’ve read more than 10 books. You will find it much easier afterwards. Do yourself a favor and break free of the relapse cycle.


Thanks man . That sounds a bit relieving . :muscle::muscle:

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