Please HELP me. HELP!

Is it possible to get rid of rit??
Yes I know it’s possible, it’s a test from Almighty Creator, and he never gives anything beyond our ability. It’s my fault, I’m doing something wrong.
I need help guys, please help me. I spent the whole night watching p* and fapping. I’m crying and feeling depressed. I don’t what to do or what to say. I just want to get rid of it.
Please brother give suggestions, advice, workplan, I really need your advice, I know I’m doing wrong. I need to change. Help me! I’m drowning!!


Hey, bro.
First of all, you need to motivate yourself before waiting for anyone else. You have to tell yourself “I don’t need this, I am better than this”. After that, define your objective and WHY you are doing this. The major thing here is the “why”. If you don’t have a strong “why” it’s gonna be much more difficult.

So, second, try to notice which are your triggers. Mostly social media is the trigger for almost everyone, Instagram is loaded with obscenities. When you realize what triggers you, define a plan to counter it: if it’s Instagram, stop using it, uninstall from your phone untill you are sure of yourself. (I’m not using neither Facebook nor instagram)

If you need a porn blocker, you can search here in the forum about that. The good ones cost like 10 dollars per year, and they say it’s worth it.

Buy, anyhow, let me point some topics for you:

  • It’s possible to quit, you can read feedbacks from all over this forum;
  • If in one hand it’s possible, in the other it’s really difficult. You have to keep up and don’t give up.
  • It’s possible that you relapse, but even if you do, don’t give up, try again, each time better;
  • If you relapse, try to notice which things led you to it. And counter it;
  • Build your motivation. Read books, develop your mind to consume the best things there are available.
  • Build your body. Workout, go for a walk everyday, do push-ups, sit-ups or whatever you like. Find balance between mind and body;
  • Have faith, bro. If you believe in a God, pray to Him and get closer to God.

You can keep a diary in the forum, writing about your days and how you are keeping up. You aren’t alone, man. We are in this together.



you will be victorious my friend. please don’t give up. Try again. The God who created you will give you strength. don’t give up, please.


I agree with @romaog & @Marcio

@Saim You are much stronger than you think. Dont underestimate your will power. Remove the dirt and get into the arena. Now.