Please HELP me brothers... Feeling of Relapse even i didn't Relapse

Hello Brothers, am on day 70 Semen retention which is first time in my life time…I was going good till day 40 after that I started enjoying loads of interest in Female attractions and attentions, i went in to the EGO alot, every body was giving me attention and validation, there was something magical all around, my face became manly, structured, lean muscular, Amazing physique…then all of a sudden i started feeling low strength, low vibes and low energy, i thought may be due to some hidden flat line but then all of a sudden on day 65 i caught Cold Flu with running and dripping nose, watery eyes, swollen face and weight gain, my entire confidence has gone down now, no warmth, no high energy aura, hair became colourless, dull eyes, puffy and baggy eyes, no positive aura warm vibes, cold body, all attraction gone, no energy, no strength, started eating junk foods, no mental clarity…in short exactly and absolutely feeling like just after Relapse…I don’t know why this is happening and what should I do and how long will it again take back to be as how the nest i was since few days ago… Please advise brothers, am not feeling fine at all.

U say it’s the journey that brings you happiness not the destination
That’s why u landed on zero again
U fell for it
The fake happiness
Aim for the real one
You maybe lacking determination to succeed
Don’t fall for the momentary pleasure and happiness
I’ve been watching you doing great recently
Just don’t fall for that
Remember the pain and suffering you went because of this evil shit
Stay determined
Never give up


Budy, its a trick from ur inner demons of lust. They try to make u feel like u r feeling now. Keep going and keep away even more from pmo now. The craving is put by auto recovery mode of bad habits deep in layers of mind. This stage will come repeatedly as many times as those layers were disrupted by u while doing pmo. Its no matter what u think, remember the blood of ur family is on ur hands while each time u did pmo. Do not fall for it.

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@bondjems84 i agree bro…i felt exactly the same thing that may be my brain is playing a trick by putting me in exactly the same state as day 0 so that i give up on this journey by thinking whats the point in holding or retaining our semen our power when we already feeling like we have relapsed…then i thought may be it’s a test let me think of god and follow righteousness through my right actions even if i feel like relapsed but I won’t actively relapse myself…I kept asking and still asking strength from God to regain my power… Thanks bro for supporting through your message.

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