Please help, i apreciate your knowledge

Hi, im a 17 years old male that has some questions and will really apreciate if you took some time to responde them.

I start watching porn and masturbating at a young age but the amount increase a lot since the pandemic. I think that I have erectyl disfunction because my member wont get as hard as it used to, it stop gettin hard with things that before make me hard and I dont wake up hard, aswell I think that sometimes I dont feel a strong orgasm while cuming. The thing that gives me hope is that still get hard with watching porn and not touching it.

I want to know if I can recover from what I explained, this has been bugging me because im a virgin and I will hate to think that I ruined sex for me just for some momentaneous placer.

I apologize if I came along as an ignorant, i dont know about this subject and I dont want to discust it with my family for fear of being judged.

I also apologize for my english, its not my first lenguaje. Thank you if you took the time to read this.


Hi there.

What you are going through is common among people who have watched pornography and masturbated for years. It is called porn-induced erectile dysfunction - the penis stops working the way it was designed to and only responds to porn images and videos.

Don’t be afraid though, it can be completely cured. Within a few months you will be healthy and normal again, you haven’t ruined yourself sexually. The cure is permanent abstinence from pornography and masturbation. This will allow your body to heal from the damage caused by those poisonous and destructive activities.

Never be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know something. That’s how we all learn. It is only ignorant if you don’t ask.


Hi man.

To start, forerunner :arrow_up::arrow_up: was right about everything he said. PMO is a lot like drug addiction, over time, the usual thing becomes less stimulating, so you use more, then that becomes less stimulating, and it’s an endless cycle. This is the same with your orgasms that you mentioned.

Work to begin abstaining from it, and this cycle will be reversed


Thank you for your respond, what you said gives me extra motivation to be a better version of myself.


Thank you for your respond, lets hope that god gives us the strength to resist this adiction. I will do everything that I can to be a better version of myself.


all this is fine… don’t overthink…
chote nawab shall be ok again…
you need total abstinence from pornography, do kegel’s exercise, practise ashwini mudra and do kumbhak and tribandh praanaayam… it helps, it’ll be fine within 2-3 months also NoFap is must… good luck !

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