Please fix this bug

If you change data and time from settings delete the data and open the app and close it and after that you change it back, you can have how much days you want.
It’s not very important but yeah, it’s a bug.


Configuring any day you want is not a bug, because there’s the valid use case that you might just start with the app and already have a high streak and want to configure it or you got a new phone and need to configure your streak again. Either way, it’s a valid move to remove data and reset the streak as you want. :thinking:


I noticed that too. But it’s there for a reason. This app isnt a competition. It’s to get better. If people want to waste their time giving themselves a high number thinking they can “show off”
Then let them. It’s their lives.
Instead, focus on bettering yourself. After all, that’s what the app is for. That’s what makes you a real winner.