Please enlighten us on this topic

I’m pissed in the Nofap community, very pissed…no i am not a troll and i am Nofap
I am angry because PE seems to be an overlooked case
It just seems no one wants to talk about it…
All i see it DE and ED…if Nofap isn’t the cure please tell us so we’d find other alternatives

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What is PE, DE and ED?

PE(Premature Ejaculation)
DE(Delayed Ejaculation)
ED(Erectile Dysfunction)

Dude , If people are saying that nofap has worked for them to recover from any of the above issues, then it maybe true .
But keep in mind, it has worked for them only. It is not absolute thing that it works for everybody.
Now, nofap is not a clinical or certified solution by any of the doctors, unless suggested otherwise.
The best thing you can do here is consult a doctor either physically or virtually, whichever suits you best. This will bring some shame at first but will actually give you relief from anxiety and the actual issue.

From now onwards, I suggest every person reading this to not force nofap on people in such a way that it can cure everything including issues mentioned in this thread.
Always consider a renowned and widely accepted method as best.

However, people are free to try nofap and see how the body reacts and how they transmute their energy upwards.

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PMO can cause ED, DE and PE. But I do believe that sometimes PMO addiction can be as much the result of a condition as is are those afflictions.

You may have deep insecurities, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, lack of exercise, overly sedentary lifestyle, which all together may lead both to high porn use and fapping, as well as to PE.

Nofap is one way of fighting it, but you need to fill the gap that nofap creates with a positive lifestyle, healthy habits and a proper sex life and attitude.

And a proper sex life does not depend on how long you last. If that is what breaks a relationship, work on the relationship part a little bit more. Perhaps you need to feel confident with a girl first, feel loved, feel like you can slip and mess up, before being enough at ease of mind to perform better.

Bruh… Do you suffer from premature ejaculation while having sex or only during masturbation?

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It happens during both

Bro you really broke this down for me and trust me i have picked your words of encouragement…

Ok practical hack. Use two condoms at the same time. Use hands and mouth to do most of the work. Everytime you feel like you are gonna bust a nut, switch postion, again use hands until your boys calm down. Repeat the process

Thank you …how many months will Nofap cure this…and with that i have a very sensitive penis die to much rubbing

You never know until you use them bro. No fixed time period as such. God knows how long I’ve been on no fap, it happens differently for everyone

Bro @Samaranjay any idea what my streak is?

Bruh I forgot when you reset the streak.
But I know when you last relapsed.
It was about 27Dec 2020.
Set that date in the counter and check.
Fck you completed 2 years already :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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I don’t know how you remember better than me but thank God you do​:handshake::muscle::argentina::blue_heart:
3 more years and my penis will think Thanos actually snapped

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:joy::joy: I just do

Argentina :rofl::fire:

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You’re a living legend bro, pls share your benefits to be us… please I’d love to know …i am from Nigeria

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Bro that emoji just pops up along with the others now. Used it so much this month

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Trust me you won’t like my answer

Please just tell me let me know

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