Pjets Diary [15 M]

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Hello everyone, I know… I’m Young but i want to quit this evil thing. I’ve been trying to quit now for 1 of 2 months and always relapsed with my highest streak on 6 days, but I can’t quit trying
Well, I have come to the point where I have so much motivation but I still relapsed every 2/3 days, and I hate it and I want to get out of this cycle. so… I thought of making a diary to help me get There. I’m doing this for myself so my opinions and plans may be different. Good luck to all. (I’ll make Daily updates on this topic for those interested).
And fun fact. If i make IT to 10 days (which I Will ) it’s exactly at the 31st of march :slight_smile: and that means I can still finish the 10 dat Challenge :wink:

Hey man, fellow dutchie here. If you feel like you haven’t been able to really make progression and keep relapsing before a week has passed, you should spend some time getting to know your triggers. What makes you want to watch porn? At what times during the day do you get urges the most often? Are you insecure about something, which you are trying to hide by masturbating?

Once you’ve discovered your main triggers, you can think of other things to do when you feel a trigger coming up. So when you feel an urge, instead of watching porn you can go read a book, study a subject, do a workout, go outside for a short walk, etc. I’m sure you will make progression!

This diary is a great start man, best of luck with your journey!

Day 1:
6:50; woke up don’t really feel An urge, Just getting ready for school oh and BTW thanks Chris for your advice :slight_smile: my biggest urges are around 5 o clock after school so I’ll make sure to do something There!