Pimples in teenage? Are they related to masturbation?

Hello friends,
I want to asky you guys about pimples.
My story, currently 17 and usually get 2 to 4 pimples on my face and also have black and white heads on nose . I want to ask is their any relation of masturbation and pimples and what are the ways we can reduce or get rid of these.
Also I have identified that my marks usually fade after 2 to 3 months. Will these marks completely fade when my pimples stop.


I don’t think there is a connection between masturbation and pimples i used to get a lot of pimples when i was in class 7th , (i wasn’t into fapping and all this shit then). Now i am in class 10 th (15 years old) and i don’t get pimples that frequent .

Here are some tips for you:-

  1. Use a chemical free face wash, according to your face type(oily, dry or combined) don’t use soap.

  2. Drink more water

  3. Do no fap. @GOVIND-19 is the best example of this, he didn’t get any pimples ( i guess :sweat_smile:), after he stopped fapping.

  4. Don’t take stress

  5. Stop touching your face unnecessarily

  6. Don’t apply anything on your face containing harsh chemicals.

  7. Don’t pop those pimples.

  8. Don’t apply toothpaste, baking powder/soda . (And also don’t apply lemon directly on your face)

You can try a face mask - aloevera gel(try to extract it from leaves rather than buying it from anywhere else)+turmeric+curd+ gram flour(besan).


AS would like it …
Chocolate boi!


Oh hell yea there is! But it’s subjective… lemme explain.

So pimples or acne is hereditary. Therefore it’s genetic. Some people get acne without masturbation, some people wont have any during their lifetime. I’m one of those people who are super prone to pimples. My father and sister had acne and so did I. My mother on the other hand has never had acne. So whether you have acne or not depends on your genes

Now the connection. Masturbation does affect your breakout frequency. When I used to jack off every day, my face used to have so many pimples. But I had friends who’d jack off like 4 times a day and his face was clear as day. So masturbation only affects those already prone to acne. It accelerates the process. Now what triggers breakouts can also vary from person to person. Oily food and dairy products is the most common triggers. But sugar and dust is also said to cause major breakouts.

But I can tell for a fact, that if you stop masturbation for atleast a month, you will see major changes in the breakout pattern. You will still have some, but it will reduce drastically. If you keep at it, it will eventually stop and will only get depending on what you eat.

Now about scars, that’s something which is very difficult to get rid off. I still have a lot of pimple scars. When I asked with a dermatologist, he recommended to get a laser treatment which will get rid of all scars and you’ll never have pimples again. But, it’s fucking expensive so I can’t do that. The only natural remedy I know of is to drink more water and something I hate to be recommending and I never thought I would ever do, but is to eat more green leafy vegetables. Eating more green leafy vegetables will help in repairing your skin cells and make your face glow. Now the way you do it is to exfoliate your face atleast twice a week. Use a proper exfoliating scrub, and wash your face. If you can buy it then buy a derma roller. That will puncture the skin a little and will stimulate skin repair. So along with green leafy vegetables, you will slowly but surely get rid of scars.

Now some bonus tips. I suggest you work out or do something that will make you sweat a lot. It’s a good way to get impurities out of your body but you will have to wash off the swear quickly before it dries. If it dries then it will be the cause of pimples itself.

Additional tip is to drink wheatgrass juice. This is not readily available everywhere but if you get, then drink.

Yea that’s about it. If you have any other questions, please do ask. I’m kind of an expert in the topic. Thanks @Sholt_Peterson for tagging me


Thanku everyone for your valuable suggestions and advices.

Thanks mate for the description you gave.
In my case also my father, sister had acne and my mothers face is clean like a baby would have. But also one thing which I always have been doing is intake of milk after dinner or say with dinner for my lifetime. So should I eliminate it ?

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You can never tell if dairy products in itself is the sole cause of acne for sure. You can experiment with it. Try abstaining from consuming any type of dairy products for a month. Then another month just to be sure. If in that 2 months if your acne has reduced substantially or atleast considerably then you will know. Same with oily and sugary food.


Hey guys,
I have a question , as I am in teenage currently (17) I am going through a lot of changes, like at a point of time i was having hairfall, pimples are constant night mare for me, felling worthless and many more, everytime I start with good habits but whenever I think of all these it leads to demotivation and i just start comparing my life with my peers and find myself to be worthless. What habits should I inculcate so that i can become a better person and how can j handle this physical as well as emotional change.

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Ok bro, as a teen, literally the best thing you can do to improve your self esteem, looks face and everything is to work out. Period. Start hitting the gym. Focus on your diet. Eat healthy food. A lot of protein. And get enough sleep everyday. These changes alone will completely change your life in a manner of months. The most important thing is consistency. You have to be consistent with these things and don’t expect massive changes. Muscle building is a slow process and it will take time. Dedicate 6-12 months to it and do it diligently and i promise you, you will not be disappointed with the results

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Thanks buddy for the advice, although I don’t have access to gym here In my place but from this new year I have started with basic exercise through leap fitness app and currently devoting 40 min session in morning along with rope skipping.

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You can work out at home. I worked out at home for almost 2 years before i joined the gym. And the workouts that you do matter. I don’t know what kinda exercises you do by following the app and the duration doesn’t matter that much either. It all depends on what your goal is. So what is it? You wanna lose fat? Or gain muscle? Regardless of what your answer is, I’d suggest you focus on building muscle. Skipping is cardio, you aren’t building any muscle by doing cardio

Wanted to ask if short height is related to mastrub??

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No it’s all genetics. Your height can change a little, but 90% is genetics.

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Also y’all gotta stop relating every thing wrong with you to masturbation. Sometimes those things are wrong because of something you did or something you can’t change


Thanks for info And i am skinny so yeah now ownwards will focus on muscle building.

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Educate yourself about what you are doing. There are plenty of content on YouTube. My personal recommendation is a channel called anabolic aliens. They have Amazing at home bodyweight workouts. That’s how I started my fitness journey. Check em out, try out their workouts

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