PIED and flatline experiences

My biggest goal with No PMO, is to heal my PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction).

Ive been PMO for 10 years…and since the first day, I went obsessed with bimbo girls…girls so fake: big round fake tits, fake lips, super skinny…So, when I realised, I couldnt get my penis hard with regular “real world” girls…

Now, I understand that the problem is my PMO addiction…

This is my 12 day without PMO, and Ive been like 7 days in a massive flatline, without libido or erections…and I feel so stressed and worried, because I am dating a new girl, and I have to be refusing her, because my penis and libido are dead…

When will this flatline finish? When will I start feeling atracted to real world girls?

Could you share your flatline and PIED experiencies, so I can figure it out?

Thanks for your attention, and sorry for my english!

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Hi, mate.
I’ve been through the same experience as you have, but not with someone I cared about. I was definitely shocked when I couldn’t get It up with real women during sex. Unconsciously I knew it had something to do with pmo, but I was only certain when I read about it.
I’m also healing myself, therefore, I don’t know how it feels to be cured. Al I know is the pain from the wound and bruises. There’s only one way out of PIED and there’s where I’m heading. I’ll fight as long as it takes against pmo’s harmful effects.

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