Physical health benefits of Nofap

Hello warriors

For me the nofap journey has turned out to be fruitful till now(18days since I started nofap).

But I have noticed some physical benefits relate to nofap. I will not talk about increased level of energy, loss of fat, muscle gain, etc. which many of you are already aware of. Rather I want to talk about benefits which many people are not talking about.

For me the past 18 days of nofap has made my health better from within. I am talking about my Digestive System. Nofap has cured my Acid Reflux(Acidity) problem. During Yesfap I used to suffer from this every 2nd or 3rd day. I was worried if something was wrong with my Pancreas or anything. But little did I know was that fapping was the culprit. Now I don’t have any acid reflux problem. Also digestion has improved. With acid reflux the complementary issue of Constipation also occurs which also was an issue for me. Now I am not constipated and my Food cycle has improved.

This is for real, guys!!! All these health benefits make me never wanna let go of my nofap routine and has created a lot of positive energy in me. Having a proper functioning Digestive System does that to you.

Guys don’t look at Nofap as a sacrifice. Look at it as the natural way of life, as it has been talked in the Brahmacharya Ashrama among the four ashramas mentioned in the Purushartha. The Ayurvedic science is as real as it can get, so believe it. Modern medicine says that Nofap doesnt really have that many benefits on body but they are inexperienced and therefore don’t understand it. Please maintain nofap and observe the benefits every day.
A good digestive system has a lot to do with increasing a person’s productivity.

Good luck warriors


Yes. You are right. It is not a sacrifice. It is a physical as well as mental gain.


I would say PMO is direct and indirect cause of ALL illnesses, both physical and mental. PMO is REAL sacrifice, we use up all our vital energy as ‘offering’ to lust. We can gain health, vitality, strength, memory and wisdom if we stop sacrificing.

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Just wondering, did you change your diet or sleep schedule when starting nofap? That may also be a factor.

No brother, I didn’t have to change my diet because since the Lockdown began back in March, my whole family has been following a healthy diet plan in order to improve our immunity against Covid. Also there was very restricted access to any sort of junk food.

Had I changed my diet since Nofap then probably I wouldnt have written the article. For me healthy diet with Yesfap was causing troubles like Acid reflux and Constipation for which I had to resort to certain medicines, but since I started Nofap my digestion has improved and also I didn’t have to take any medicines.

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