Phone addiction //

My dear brothers

I am very fed up with this phone addiction.
I am wasting my 8-11 hours on my phone everyday
I have become a slave to this smartphone.
This thing became a part my body.
Damn, there is no getting rid of it completely.
Phone pe, google pe, whatsapp, study apps, etc these all became a part of our life.
Smartphone is definitely smarter than us to be able to keep us addicted to it.
I never thought that smartphone can be so dangerous.
This is not less than any other addiction.
Excessive smartphone use can disrupt our sleep, which can have a serious impact on our overall mental health. It can Impact our memory, affect our ability to think clearly and reduce our cognitive and learning skills.
I haven’t slept in the night since 40/45 days. (Sleeping in day time 5am-12pm).
It is affecting my health a lot.
I am feeling pain in my chest and my eyes are burning.
Smartphone is our biggest enemy.
This smartphone took away a lot of our precious and valuable things from us that we can never get back.
What’s done is done.
There is still time to change yourself, otherwise this life will become nothing less than garbage.
I want to make a big change in my life, for this i need your help.
I have created a challenge.


This challenge will be for every 30 days.
We have 720 hours every 30 days. (30×24=720)
Everyday we should not use mobile more than 2 hours (you don’t need to subtract calling time, phone pe, study purpose and work purpose or any productive time on phone).
It means that everyday 2 hours i.e 60 hours of the month can be used. (2×30=60 hours)
Total 720hrs - usage time 60 hrs = 660 hours.
The usage time of smartphone is subtracted from this 720 hours everyday.
If you waste even 5 minutes then subtract it.
Anyone who has less than 660 hours (720-60=660) at the end of the 30 days will be lost.(after subtracting the usage time).
Note :-

  1. The daily 2 hours limit (you don’t need to subtract calling time, phone pe, study purpose and work purpose usage time or any productive time on phone).
  2. If you used the smartphone more on one day i.e more than 2 hours, then you can cover it by using the smartphone less on another day.

Challenge starts from 26 August to 25 sept 2023.

Please update your details in scoreboard



Challenge starts from 26 August to 25 sept 2023.


Aug 26 - 3.5 hrs (after subtracting productive time on phone)
Aug 27 - 6 hrs
Aug 28 - 6 hrs 30 min
Aug 29 - 11 hrs
Aug 30th - 6 hrs 30 min
Aug 31st - 4 hrs 30 min
Sept 1st - 5 hrs

2. Vortexkicker

Aug 26th - 3 hour 47 minutes
Aug 27th - 3 hours 30 minutes
Aug 28th - 7 hours 10 minutes

3. Let’s Begin

Aug 26th - under 2hrs
Aug 27th - under 2hrs
Aug 28th - 3hrs
Aug 29th - under 2hrs
Aug 30th - under 2hrs
Aug 31st - under 2hrs
Sep 1st - 2hrs
Sep 2nd - under 2hrs
Sep 3rd - 3hrs

4. Participant name?

Date - usage time you wasted on smartphone for unproductive things, videos,etc…?


Good going brother
All the best

Im struggling with phone addiction too
By phone addiction i mean -youtube, gaming and anime

I have almost quit gaming 6 months back but it keeps haunting me telling u need it for relaxation and blah blah blah

Here are few things u need to consider

  1. Dont substitute phone with tv
    Because i do get this thought too
    And i end up substituting phone with tv

  2. Dont exclude calls from the challenge
    I have personally started more and more people to cope up with yhr loneliness which came when i stopped using phone
    Start to consider being alone as normal instead of calling everytime u feel uneasy…

  3. If at all u want to use internet related things why not shift from phone to pc or laptop
    Atleast it takes time to boot up and use internet
    Whereas phone is instant

  4. Use digital detox app and lock things on phone

  5. Use declutter app to not be able to see app icons
    As per study and research lots of thinking is gone into making the app icom attractive so as to make us click on it and then we are bound to waste our time
    App - android - a decluttered launcher

  6. Use bed time mode or greyscale on phone
    We are bound to be attracted to colors

  7. Start having a proper sleep schedule
    This will help in u feeling less anxious and proper sleep

I too have sleep anxiety and i cant get sleep easily
and i end up wasting 2 to 3 hours in afternoon in the name of nap
But slowly ill make my sleep schedule proper

Dont force urself to get x number of hours sleep
Try sleeping at a fixed time
Dont use alarm for a week or two so that u will get to know how many hours of sleep u need
Reduce ur phone usage so that it wont interrupt ur sleep

Do a bit of exercise

And lastly try following step one to 7
And dont give up
And dont think u will do using ur willpower
I have been foolish to think this
So yes
Go ahead
U r going on right path
Life is too short to waste on phone


I mean you don’t need to subtract it


I’m in for this @NEW_CHALLENGER :+1:
This is a great idea and such an obvious one.

Limited phone use; 2hrs maximum a day? You’re on! :boom:

What about you guys?
@ncubeanelem @Vortexkicker
@TheSeeker @WalkWithoutFear

I think we’ve got to look at it and observe what we do on our phones. Why? How much? How long? Is it helping?
What can be done offline?

Or am I just soooo addicted that the idea feels uncomfortable?


This is a great challenge

In my time in this app others have done this and sometimes I join and sometimes I didn’t.

There are times I use my phone and it is completely useless. I have a phone usage tracking app and I’m always 6 to 9 hours each day.

My struggle is what else do I do with my free time.

I will join this challenge. I may not succeed on your rules but if this challenge helps me decrease my usage by 50% i will see myself successful.


This would be a nice challange for me but nowadays I am very boring. I do not know what to do in my day.


I mean u shouldnt minus for productive hours
Keep the calls included in 2 hours time limit
Thats just my suggestion …


Btw @The_Rising_One i would like to join this challenge
Can we start the challenge from tomorrow?


Hey man, thanks for bringing our attention to this. I’ve tried to limit my phone use this past week, but some unavoidable reasons have led me to switch it on when I didn’t want to (like someone asking to use it and not wanting to seem crazy by saying I’m purposely reducing my phone usage). Nonetheless, I’m continuing with my goal and being in this challenge is what I need.


Usage today,

Rewire a few times

Looked at a friend suggestion on FB.
Why? Because I’m weak - but that’s all :+1:

YouTube? Social? Googling? Nope.

Read some news headlines.

Communication; usual - a couple of conversations.

All in all - not much to list or go on about


I’m mainly using my phone to facetime with my LDR on WhatsApp.
Watch anime together - notably “slice of life” genre, or a movie.
Occasionally listen to some music or watch guitar technique videos.
And obviously Rewire.
Very occasionally something related to my faith.

None of which I consider a problem.

I could start searching and reading into neurology relating to addiction and recovery - but I think we all know, Rewiring is about building more connections in the brain.

The problems only arise when I reach for my phone for no specific purpose - and the idleness which follows. Scrolling - bright colours, out of context headlines. Bites etc…brain numbing stuff

Stuff I do offline;
Guitar. Piano. Singing. practicing/playing/composition/production.
Learning hymns.
Walking, Working, maintaining domestic environment.
Cooking, shopping. Creating fragrance.
Reading scripture - contemplation and prayer.

Exercise and spiritual practices - both of which I don’t do often or enough of.

I’ve got lots of unread books. And don’t read enough fiction.
“Fiction” is often said to be a very powerful healer and great brain stimulation using more areas.


I listen to music too for hours and watching series. Talking with friends.
I want to use rewire more times but I do not have much friends for daily talk


Its 6 23 and im close to 2 hours. I may pass it but for now im still in the quota window


Yes brother,no need to minus productive hours…


I have gone over the 2 hour window but stil below 3 hours. I feel the need for a dopamine hit.


The main coordinator is @NEW_CHALLENGER bro. You can ask him for participation


Yesterday was officially over 3 hours.

Today over 2 hours but even this is less than I usually do and I am struggling with 2 things.

  1. What do i do with my free time?

  2. Uncertain on how to handle the dopamine cravings and P cravings.

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Spent over 2hrs scrolling bad stuff - but have the rest of the day to make up for it :pray:

  1. There are many things, but only you can be interested in them. I can’t advise you to do what I do because you may not have the same interest.

  2. Having other interests give us other sources of dopamine.

Personally I went through a fragrance phase. I’d always liked particular scents, colognes my dad wore, places, soaps.
I was interested in aromatherapy to help with anxiety, bought oils, then started watching YouTube videos about fragrance. Bought small samples, looked for cheapies, old school scents - nostalgia. Found a fragrance archive site, and so on.
I got kind of wrapped up in it for a while, and still am to some extent - though I don’t watch many fragcom vids anymore.

I really love a good scent. It really perks me up and gets me motivated. I could give you an awesome list.

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