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Just starting a thread to discuss different ideas and sharing gyan…

Everyone is welcome to share their world view, given you want to explore others thoughts.

Debate with others by articulating your arguments, peacefully share ideas and keep and open mind

Share knowledge/ideas/theories not hate…
Don’t be prejudice and rant to prove you are correct, be open to criticism.

Let’s see what happens

I’m a 22 year old male, trying understand the mordern complexity of our social behavior and want to explore some ideas about how a society functions.

I believe strongly in the scientific method to find objective truth but when it comes to human social structure, it becomes really hard to quantify in bianry concepts,

I believe all the ancient religions around the world have a deep insight on the evolution of human psychology but im also not a fundamentalist to take every word literally, rather extract the encoded values and other propositions from the holy texts…

One that fasinates me the most is Hinduism, since it’s existance is been stated to be the oldest and has very unique outlook of the spiritual landscape… Including reincarnation.

I was born in a Catholic house and if You u ask me, whether I believe in god, my answer would be that I would love to pretend for there to be one…


Thanks for sharing your view

It’s true that we don’t know a lot about the universe we live in

But sometimes it’s just good to be in the unknown, because that is what motivates us to know more,

May I ask if you believe that the Bible is written by God?

Also are you against vaccines?


Hinduism not being an organised religion, doesnt have one common philosophy. It has multiple concepts about God, Humans and their relationship. Out of all these, I find the philosophy Advaita vedanta most fascinating one.
Posting one of talks related to Advaita Vedanta philosophy


I know this question was not directed towards me but I’ll answer anyway. I don’t think the Bible is written by God. I don’t think any religious texts were written by their respective Gods. The contents of religious texts are the human interpretation of the knowledge that was given to humans by god. Take the gospels for example. There are 4 of them. While each of them are essentially telling the same story, there are a lot if differences when it comes to the way they were written. While the gospel of Matthew is smaller and more compact, the gospel of John is more elaborate. There are a few irregularities between the 4. And that happens because the way all 4 of them interpreted the actual story was different. If god wrote the Bible, there would only be one gospel, you get what I’m saying? The gospels here are the construction of the human interpretation of the word of God.


Thanks for sharing

That was really insightful,

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