Performance anxiety

Hey everyone, I’ve never posted on here and only used the app half-heartedly but I find myself needing some advice. I’m 21 now and have had a porn habbit since I was about 10. I’ve been in 1 relationship when I was about 18 and while it was a fairly good relationship I struggled with ED, I think due to regular porn watching. I’m looking to start being sexually active again but I find I have a lot of anxiety that if I do meet someone I won’t be able to get an erection and the anxiety is putting me off trying to date at all. How do I start experimenting despite worrying about this? Will women be put off by me asking to move slowly? Any advice would be appreciated

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I had also ED. & sex issues. My dick used to sleep inside pussy.
Not anymore, Now i am having sex for 4 hours straight. My dick can stay erect like a stone for whole day.

Your problem is due to
too much porn, fapping & orgasm. You have become numb to your feelings. You need your emotions & feelings back. When you become one with your emotions. The healing starts.

:pill: Solution to your problem :
Do hard mode for 21 Days, then have sex

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