Perfect timing to win with addiction

I am struggling with this addiction for years. 6 years ago I realised that I’m an addict.
Tried to fight it - it always return.
Tried to cut out of the porn and Internet - I’ve always found a way.
Tried to created mental blockades and values - it did nothing.

Now I can see the light in the tunnel.
I have motivation - met the best and perfect girlfriend ever (true info, checked). She is so amazing that even after finding out that I am an addict - instead of breaking up with me, she supports me with the fight!
Finally, God has heard my prayers and is helping me to get out of that sh*t. Thank you, Father!

Monk mode: on.
First target: 5 days.
Next: 7 days.

Challanges: not to fap at job or home.
Prize: my favourite chocolate bar.

Sharing code - 4vd8x6

Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 14 days
Age - 26
Gender - M
Location - PL

Why I want a companion - to motivates each other.



All the best wishes…

I can be your companion too…

You can follow me via my sharing code: z12r5l

Thanks Bro. Let’s fight in this battle together.

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