People who have PIED, give some advice on how to get rid of it

I watched porn for 3 years, I’m a virgin, now I have PIED. I have abstained from PMO for 176 days but there is no improvement, give me some tips on how to quickly restore a healthy erection.

Speaking from my experience.
Practice No PMO HARD MODE.

Wel not anymore, I did suffer from it. Ive read that it has to do with lifestyle. So sleep enough, eat healthy, work out, go outside etc. Also doing nofap hardmode for a while (so no PMO no s3x 3n no M) will help you. If its really bad and you never can get it up, there might be a bigger probelm and you should visit a docter.

Build new and good habits, get red of all your bad habits, and I’m sure that this is the solution to your problem.

Do you have erections in your sleep? If so then everything is functioning correctly. And you have nothing to worry about.

yes, I sometimes have erections during sleep and sometimes in the morning, but the erection is not complete, but still it is

It is likely that it was a full erection when you were fully asleep, it was just passing when you woke up.

Even a partial erection in you sleep means that you do not have erectile disfunction

Okey, thank you, bro