People who have made it a year, how do you feel?

I was just looking at the achievements tag on the home screen for the mobile app, and there are over 100 people who have made it a year. I’m sure some of those people are those who forgot about the app and either went on to achieve great things or gave up and just don’t reset the timer.
But to any of you who did make it over the year mark, how do you feel? Are urges still affecting you? What benefits do you have? What benefits don’t you have that you thought you might? Have some benefits mellowed out over time/started to blend into day to day feeling?
There are plenty more questions I could ask but you get the idea. I’m not following anybody with over 365 days but if any of you do, please @ them in the comments and ask if they’d share
I’m also inviting people to share who made it past the 90 days or other big milestones. I’d just like some inspiration to give to some of us hearing stories of how great it will feel but none personal.
Thank you to anybody who replies


@MassterBrewer12 I am at 961 days. After one year there were still some difficult moments with urges. At that stage a person still needs to be careful.

After perhaps a year and a half, you are pretty much free of urges and temptations. You live life from day to day with no desire to masturbate or watch porn. It is total freedom.

At the stage I am at 961 days life is easy, mentally and emotionally stable. I feel no pressure to conform to what other people consider normal.

As for what people call superpowers, self-esteem and confidence - for sure, mental and emotional stability - yes. But in my opinion the greatest thing is the freedom, not being a slave to uncontrollable urges, thoughts and temptations, this the only benefit I was hoping to achieve, the others are just a bonus.

That is my experience anyway.


I would like to ask you something @paoolos.

You are free from urges to watch porn and masturbate. But,
You are a man and always will be. As a man, do you have the natural attraction for the opposite sex?. What is its nature? Sexual, spiritual connection, love?

People before smartphones and internet had natural desire for the opposite sex too.
How strong are those desires?. What do you do when you face them?


this reflects your mental stability! awesome man! keep inspiring!


@nofapstar123 Being that I am gay I don’t have desire for the opposite sex, but I do have sexual attraction to men/people.

It is not an uncontrollable attraction. Plus being that I have chosen to live single and sex free probably plays a part and has changed my mindset to not really caring about relationships. Love is an awesome thing, but love does not have to be a romantic or sexual love, I love my friends, I love my family, I love my dogs. I have all the love that I need.


Huge respect to @paoolos for not hiding your sexuality, We respect that I think that you are already an inspiration to many of us here on the forum.
Keep it on!!


That is awesome. You are truely free and living your life your way. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all.


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