People that have read the easy peasy book, what is your experience

I’m calling all of you to say that, what is point of view of porn and masturbation after reading easy peasy book? Please let me know, maybe i will read it


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I have read easy peasy and also read breaking the cycle by George Collins

Read as much as possible it’s exercise for your brain :brain:


Hey @JohnDoe3217

I’ve read the book a couple of times

and I find that with each time, I’ve had more “aha”-moments where things made more sense. The book really helped me unmask the beliefs I had regarding pornography and orgasms. I think without challenging those beliefs (either by reading the book or other things), long term recovery is not really possible. I would highly recommend reading the book at least once.


EasyPeasy become my mantra, and i will recommend it for the rest of my life!

It’s funny that you are looking for a “good” reason to read it.
Read and be free! That is the reason. Or don’t read and struggle with porn for the rest of you life.


Thanks brother, for this advice.
I started reading but quit because there was nothing in the starting chapter from which I could have connected. But I think there is really something special about this book.
Will definitely read it.


I’ve recorded a video sharing my experiences with the EasyPeasy book. If people haven’t read it yet, I hope this video will encourage you to do so!