Pendragon979 diary - fight till the victory!

Hello, to anyone who is reading this.

I am starting a Diary - to take full advantage of this community and many possibilities to have a victory over this shitty addiction.

I introduced myself somwhere else - go read that if you want to know something about me. Or PM me.

My code: 4vd8x6
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Country: Poland
Current streak - 8 days
Longest streak - 14 days

I start the diary on a day 8, according to the app. Friday 05.07.2019.

Day 8 - 05.07.2019


  • I was alone at work and that gave me an opportunity to watch something. I was resisting for 2 hours. Then I found somewhere on the net just the name of 4chan and I went there for obvious reasons. I started to do something but then suddelny someone appeared and my urge and temptation was gone. Thank you, LORD, you are protecting me, I know that.
  • immediately blocked 4chan after that.


  • beware of being alone at work.
  • reward yourself for broken records - yesterday I finished 7 day challenge so today I bough myself a sweet bun (I try not to eat any sugar too, except the rewards).

Next challenge: 10 days.

See you tommorow.


Day 10, 07.07.2019

Day 9 omited because I was busy all day - wedding time. Good time.

Day 10 - suddenly I got an impulse, an urge to look for some loopholes in my blockades- without any triggers. I was just sitting and reading book about trolls and goblins etc. And then bang…

I spend a fucking hour of watching p and masturbating. Thanks to God that it did not finnished woth orgasm. And during the process I slowly realised that I don’t want that. Thanks to that I could get back to normal, put my pants on and improve my blocks.

Thank you, Holy Father…it was sooo damn close…
Yet, I have great hope - tommorow I go for a trip and will have completely no possibility to fap for 5 days.

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