PE an underated and overlooked issue

Yes as i said it, it’s underated and overlooked, i see how people talk about how ED and DE is cured by Nofap but i don’t hear much about PE, to my opinion PE is literally the worst case…DE, far more better at least you can enjoy some sensations and the girl can get off, with practice and staying on Nofap you will eventually get an orgasm,
ED, a problem but definitely will be cured by Nofap, just staying on Nofap will cure it
PE, i go online and all i see and hear are people feeling defeated , some even give up on Nofap and get hooked on pMO because of the defeat,
the thing about PE is we have trained our body to ejaculate and be too excited too quickly…my best is I minute, if i will last 2 mins it’s by a very rare chance, 3 to 5 mins I’ll be the happiest man on earth but to most people 5 mins is even a problem and some considers it PE…
PE is a big issue, please take this seriously and give us solutions of not many people will call Nofap a fraud…i am on Day 33 and no improvement
I have a few concerns though
I have some underlying health issues
I had High blood pressure but i got a bit cured and now my arteries are clogged thus reducing blood flow
I had trauma
Can all this add to my PE being worse
Please i need answers


I don’t have a good background about it but i think that judging a long addiction benefits based on 33 days is not long enough brother.

One of my friends has been cured of all the problems of fapping after 80 days… so just have patience bro it definitely differ from one to other, but every sickness has its own cure don’t worry and don’t panic before even reaching half the 90 days… good luck brother


Thank you brother, sorry i replied late…i am currently on day 51 and I’ll say just refraining from PMO or any stimuli at all can help… during this time i tried and i know there haven’t been significant improvement in my PE but at least i gained a few control over my ejaculation…there are some things that i have to even cure before even being concerned about PE…
I believe my heart condition is making it worse, stress, a bit of depression and worrying coupled with a very sensitive penis, also anxiety etc…this are the things i need to focus on and i know they are the things making it worse…i already got PE before my heart condition though but i believe my heart condition and all other things made it worse… I’ll be happy if you’ll respond and I’ll be extremely happy if you’ll get to help me reach your friend cus I’ll benefit from his experiences…thank you

This is the most concerning aspect in your post. I’m surprised that you just mentioned it so casually and elaborately complained about you premature ejaculation. Bro clogged arteries lead to cardiac arrest and possibly death. Need to fix that permanently before you do anything. It should be your priority.

Premature ejaculation is a problem but doesn’t come anywhere near the other health issues you mentioned later. What’s the worst that could happen if you prematurely ejaculate? Please answer this in your opinion

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